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Dividing the temple description in half. This is probably an intentional move by the author to illustrate a sad point. Solomon has a divided heart. There was also a hint toward this in yesterday's reading when the canaanite laborers worked in ships where they spent one month working on the temple followed by two months working on his house and according to today's descriptions his house is much larger granted houses. The whole physical people have to be larger than ones that house. god's spirit and a few small pieces of furniture so it's reasonable that it might take longer and be larger but this interruption of the narrative is probably there to tell us about what's happening in solomon's heart. He uses a lot of the same resources for his house and he doesn't just build a house. He builds a whole palace complex and its majestic. He has his own palace. His wife's palace a throne hall and the hall of pillars while his father david had humble roots as a shepherd solomon was boozy maybe a little too buji like the boozy est and it becomes a problem for him will read more about that in the future. We jump back into the descriptions of the temple furniture. You can see how they've come a long way from the tabernacle. This temple is gorgeous. Solomon hires the most skilled craftsmen and for the bronze items uses an artist named hiram not to be confused with king hiram tyra where he got the cedar trees hiram doesn't just have skill he has wisdom and understanding to and you may recall from our lengthy tabernacle descriptions that god empowered vessel in exodus. Thirty one along those same lines. It says i have filled him with the spirit of god with ability and intelligence with knowledge. And all craftsmanship when you have a task as important as this. It's vital to choose not only the person with talent but with wisdom and understanding for a role related to the temple character and integrity seemed to be even more important than skill. I kings seven. Forty eight is kind of confusing because it says solomon made all the vessels. But it's more likely that. He just commissioned the making of them as far as we know he wasn't a blacksmith. Who's probably more into things like binge-watching jeopardy feeling smarter than all. The contestants solomon also commissions all the work that has to be done around the temple as part of the temple complex that includes the bronze basin which holds somewhere between twelve thousand and eighteen thousand gallons. That's about as much as the average swimming pool. But this is like an above ground pool suspended on the backs of twelve bronze oxen. I know it sounds lovely. But i doubt you'd get that approved. Hoa solomon also makes tin lamp stands or minora's even though god only asked for one there are so many other details and extravagant decorations in fact in the nineteen eighties. Someone discovered what was believed to be one of the pomegranates mentioned in second chronicles sport. Thirteen and the israel museum which is like the smithsonian bought it for over half a million dollars. It was the size of a thumb in case you want to see what the temple might have looked like. We've linked to short video demonstration in the show notes. It's about five minutes long and it's really helpful. Granted the images of the chair them leave a lot to be desired. And even the video's creator himself admits to that. But i didn't have time to make my own computerized rendering of the first temple so this will have to suffice. And if you want to see a real approximation of what this might have looked like. We'll also linked to a separate short video just to give you a visual. This video shows an entirely different temple from this time period but it's made of some of the same materials. It was a pagan temple in syria. Five hundred miles north of jerusalem and it was just discovered in nineteen fifty five. It was the most well preserved temple from that time period but then it was destroyed by air strikes during the syrian civil war in twenty eighteen based on how closely resembles the bible's blueprint for solomon's temple lots of historians think either this temple's design influence salomon or solid design. Influence this one. What was your god shot today. This was a tough day for finding god wasn't it. Here's where i saw him. I kings seven. Twenty one describes the to exterior pillars of the temple which faces east. It says he set up the pillar on the south and called its name jae-kun and he set up the pillar on the north and called. Its name boaz. The name jagan means you will establish and the name. Boaz means in strengh he will establish in strength at the place where you would have entered. God's house where you draw near his presence as you pass through the columns holding it up you would have been reminded that god initiated all of this and that he is sustaining it and what he initiates will not only be sustained it will be fulfilled because he's doing it in strength. I don't want to spoil this beautiful new temple for you. But i'm going to it gets destroyed but dino doesn't get destroyed god's presence with his people that temple was always meant to be a temporary house for him he doesn't dwell in buildings anymore. He dwells in his people. And did you know that he marks us with the very same promise. Philippians one six says it. This way he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. At the day of christ jesus he will establish in strength established in strength established in him kept secure until the day of christ. 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