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Yeah. Wait. Household. I want most in love, but love Dad don't know how to get through. How can I have a new better still matters But I can only try. Do you get me me? Because you know there's a demon. But a woman you go you Yeah. There are times you've been tearing your hair out in your arms and me going. But if you're too to yourself, you know I'm not wrong. You don't want me to come You know, Damon? But I'm warning you wrong, You know? Worse from there. No right to say. Some studio. Me. Just what do you feel? My name's girl in light On my way. No, no, no. You Oh, thank you. I will give you my boy. You have a deal. A job you love. I don't know you Yeah. Make it later. Let's go you makes Max fell 10. Jump from John Brown chimp Raj. Jump of temperature Chrissy another belt to be I'm just proud, Jim. Pro Pro Jump! Jump rope, Jon Lester just killed you are saying Hey, come on. General Children, John John. No fun. No fun. No fun too much, right? Tyrone Tyrone tight, tight, tight, tight route. Tyrone, keep it tight. You were my hero. You able Mai tais. Yes, you can. Why Can't dance. The next election. Oh, Oh, fucking dead. Hey, where we said on the pain, every bed. You better hope you don't think better way got a credit was gone in a second. Because it does. He'll go ahead and give it fucking won't get home for him home from the sea. No way. Wait. Institution causes so much confusion just seems the only solution isn't whoever notion we can take it no more. Oh, it can't be ignored. I don't want anybody getting justice. Thank you. This is morning becomes eclectic. Anthony Valadez and No Veena Carmel Behind the turntable started off that set with the latest from Gilligan Moss Brand new self titled Release You Heard World Service featuring Betsy on the vocals..

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