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From NPR. I'm Sam Sanders. It's been a minute. You can probably already guess who. I'm talking to today. She's already said her name for us. Jennifer Lopez jaylo Jenny from the block listener, this is a big deal. I have interviewed a fair amount of celebrities on this show. And I'm gonna tell you the truth lo was the first one that's really gotten me starstruck. I mean, it makes sense. I have been following her career since she was a fly girl a dancer on in living color back in the ninety s I remember her icon ick role and Selena. I mean, if someone from south, Texas, I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched that movie, and I like the rest of us can sing along to a lotta jaylo songs. I mean, she has been part of the culture coming up on three decades. So clearly, I was super hyped about this conversation actually caught up with Jennifer Lopez as she's doing this big press run right now for a new movie she has coming out. It's called second act in the movie. Hello plays a driven woman from modest means who proved she can do anything anyone else. Can while also finding lasting love in the process? Jennifer gets real with me on what it takes to be successful as she has been for so long. She talks about the difficulties that she's dealt with as a Latina in the industry, the lessons. She's learned over the years, etc. Etc. I've been calling this chat in my mind. Jlo's masterclass. Okay. Without further ado here. It is me and Jennifer Lopez at the Beverly Hills four seasons where she was camped out doing a whole bunch of interviews with a bunch of journalists myself included enjoy. We'll be switched on. Jane? This headline. Founded as the amount in aria. Really? You have had a long day. So thank you for making time for us. One of many that will have the next few days. Yes. A big push for the movie. It's go time. Go time. How much time I'm used to go. Go time for for many years. Yeah. Yeah. How does it feel? You are how many junkets have you done that? Because you've had a bunch of movies. So many forty something John Goodson and Mike. How many of these interviews was you do in a day? Like, you dry sense today. We start at ten thirty. And we went straight through till about six just interview after interview after interview. That's yeah. What is your favorite moment of the movie release process? It's like the MIR. The what what is this mostly doing? You know, I like going and visiting the morning shows in the evening shows. Those are always fun. You know, the premier's always great. You know, seeing it with an audience is probably the best time to see how they react, especially when you're doing a movie like this where people laugh and cry, you know, so that's always fun. And have you seen this share with an audience? Yeah. Many times. I wasn't as great. It's great it plays. Awesome. Thank god. Should tell them was about. I will let you do that. What is it a visit? Okay. All right. All right. Okay. Okay. I'll I'll help you. All right your character. Yes. Lays Maya Maya plays a hard working assistant manager at a local grocery store at the local box store almost like a Costco. Yes, she has a heart of gold as he or she wants more for herself a second life. You might say she wants she wants to progress..

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Jennifer Lopez, Sam Sanders, JLO discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

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