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Dot com slash Lennon, Michael. Well, here we are. I mean, this is just I tell you. I was waiting for this left right divide to spill over into violence at some point in here. It is pre EMMY cocktail party. Tom Arnold was tracked down by CBS, Los Angeles. Generally, tried to kill me kidding me. Back down the stairs and tried to choke. I don't care what he says. He's a liar. He's a filthy liar. Look for trouble type is white so filthy liar. They're liars. Wow. This is some food fight. Anyway, police report was filed the police confirm. But no arrest was made. Right, right. Very very nasty out there in old Hollywood. Hey, Julie Chen or Julie, Julie Chen Moonves. That's what she called herself. At the end of the what at the end of big, brother. Big brother. Yes. Well, apparently, according to page six Julie Chen Moonves is going to be leaving the talk. Version of the view in the wake of les Moonves. Firing a source says the former CBS moguls wife going to resign. And of course, she did sign off from the recent episode of big brother, Saint, I'm Julie Chen Munoz. Good night. And goodbye what about she'll stay with big, brother? Apparently. Yeah. I guess so. Well, somebody's got to go. Get a paycheck in that household since less than go away with his hundred and eighty million dollar parachute hurting for anything. Hey, how long this Woody Allen thing? Oh, there was always a story about Ronan Farrow, now, Ronan Farrow has been the big man, it's been his journalism this taken down Harvey, Weinstein and others. And well, there were always rumors that Woody Allen may not be his real father that it's really Frank Sinatra. Farrow. And you know, he certainly looks more like Frank Sinatra. Woody Allen he does not look like Woody Allen. I mean, he looks exactly like Frank Sinatra with with those blue eyes, you know, if he were born with glasses that maybe he would look like Woody Allen. But no, those blue eyes are Frank Sinatra's blue eyes well up in this upcoming story. That's in Volker would show came out. You know, we were all talking about this yesterday. And where Sagnier claims that she was physically abused by pharaoh cetera et cetera. Apparently in this profile. Woody Allen said in my opinion, he's my child, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. Now, actually this Tom Arnold story, and the Ronan Farrow story, they do link up because Tom Arnold was saying at that party that some sources at the apprentice may have turned over more tapes to Ronan Farrow, right? That was that's what he was saying. It's all about the so called Burnett tapes, which may or may not exist of Trump using the N word and other slurs, you know, off Mike are on Mike or definitely on Mike, but not on air behind the scenes at at the apprentice. So, yeah, this is all about those so-called tapes are their loss tapes. We might be able to find out the paternity of Ronan Farrow put him to the scene test. If we make him sing a Frank Sinatra. Tune and he sings it, well that could be surprised that nobody's tried to grab a piece of his hair. DNA little easier. Flybe to the is. And that's not just child. But I'm serious if you look at side of Woody Allen and Ronan Farrow, you would say that's not his no, no, no, no that that cannot be hey Roseanne Barr. So she has come out in and she's saying that she's going to be killed off in the Connors by and this is very Trump land. Ian. Opioid overdose wise that Trump land, you know, because a lot of people are talking about the working class. White people are hooked on these drugs because they have terrible lives. They're unemployed. They're broke is a whole big upgrade crisis opioid crisis in the Trump land. All right. Well, here's what Roseanne has to say they killed her. Killer. Die of opium opioid overdose. Wasn't enough to just do what they did to me. They they had to so cruelly. Insult. The people who love that family in that show. They had to cruelly insult them. Sommes comments on a YouTube show from who? Now, I don't know this for Brandon strata Rutgers. She'll character is killed off. I mean, what are you criticizing the way they killed you off. Well, she killed herself off. Tweets come on. An awful way. They did it. And that's not what they did. It's how they did it really getting killed off the show anymore. Yeah. But it kind of makes sense in the in the dramatic own for and trajectory of the Connors. I don't know what she's complaining. Well, anyway, no more Roseanne the show will live on without her. And now, we know what did horrendous those opioids or opium opium. Right. When we come back. What is everybody's saying about the cavenaugh circus? We'll hear from Trump Schumer Collins, Len the whole ga- we come back. This.

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