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It's really getting quiet in the Silicon Valley freeways air moving along really well and a couple of minor accidents wrapping up in downtown San Jose, for example, North Bound 87 we had a crash. At 2 80 they just cleared it. There's some residual slowing their this update brought you buy Chilton Auto Body, also on North Bound 80 at the first Street on ramp accident is wrapping up on the right hand shoulder. So that's not a big deal and the latest crash and Morgan Hill South bound. Wanna wanted Cochran is gone. That was theseventy one in that direction. Morgan Hill was a trouble spot today. Now we'll take the Chilton Auto Body Collision Cam to Oakland 5 80 Just getting word of an accident eastbound After Keller. There's a crash at blocking the slow lane. Traffic is pretty light on 5 80 This point hopefully, that won't turn into any Big deal there and better news in San Francisco. Westbound Interstate 80 the sky way heavier than usual because of an accident that happened before Ninth Street and the vehicles involved have just been cleared from the lanes so traffic should start to pick up speed and still slow eastbound as you trudge to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge out of the city, Chilton auto body is open to serve the Bay Area with contact free auto body repair options. Along with free pickup and delivery. Chilton Auto Body Now offers of virtual estimates and curbside contact free service from the comfort of your vehicle. Book. An appointment today at Chilton auto body dot com. Next update 6 28 Now the traffic leader KCBS. Manzini Sleeper Hold six day forecast Here's K p x five's Poul Hagen, the thought will spread back out across the band into the inland valleys as we head through this evening and overnight temperature starting off Friday morning in the fifties, which.

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