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Oh, which allows I clearly is where did you put him in your job racing last year third? Yes. Thirty second fifty 'cause we throw in the. He's been in the top five throughout av six he's remained makers much grill. Now, so on from that point of view. Yes. Your oversee losing somebody who is fantastic. And it's always showing unleashes that. But it's not like we can have a bunch of talent city running around look at the people coming in here. The clerks getting into a top car, which I think we all think is correct George. Russell landau. No is coming in from. So it just is. For moves on. I think venture this early on just it will fill that hole. I mean, I don't get motion to hold and cynic who now don't get to motion about multiple very often. But I did did get a little bit the last that TS twenty knock quite is. You know, when lonzo's go with veteran Hamilton on the slowdown nappy nappy Dahbi news thing that the fact that he's going is a real shite places. He could get to them. Exactly. Yeah. I is a real shame. Turns of universal like those three would have had some unbelievably good thoughts loss years, but it's not happened in east going and someone will fill the vacuum. Because that's how one in ten years me why how on vet Elisa. But there were a whole new guys guys would be talking about how make this interesting. You may not point because I think the stopping said that he was slightly upset that he wasn't going to have these fights the Lonzo, you know, he's going to miss each other on because Alonzo's bang out. Just as max. He's really coming. Good. And Lewis had a few of those battles oversee direct one in the title fight that we mentioned in seven, but for stopping won't get to his against Lonzo. We think in a straight fight is a shame because you you like to see the new guys coming in properly tested against the established stars. Yes. We have got some we've got Vetter we've got Hamilton. But Lonzo is in that bracket, and we won't get to see whether all leclair's your the snap ins gasoline, or whoever you think of the coming guys take him down in the way that Alonzo took down. She Macah what he has done though, initially Pratt's movie onto his legacies. That he does bridge that gap between Mark Schumacher era and the current law, and so you we know Lonzo could go toe to toe issue MAC and come out and talk not saying is necessarily greater. That's komo's that sort of thing. Yeah. He did the job. So the people that come on off towards people are how much all they matched up to him and tell it to will then they must be underlines the strength of the current generation, even when Alonzo's gone and also the next loud coming in some stoppings will do so against how in Vetter. So there's that kind of policy on balking understand. Why max it'd be disappointed? Other Lucy's quotes at the end of twenty seventeen interesting when he's basically saying he basically was Vetter world, Lonzo Mustapha as the three dollars you reading between the lines are now can be wetter. Don't know about wrapping yet because Alonzo. Yeah, I'm not that test really for a while. He no, they they will know who the good ones are knows. I think those four no that the other three guys to be looking. Then don't your question that is shameful Ephron. Because if your rain is make got your reigning double world champion saying. Lonzo ease one of the three guys. He most has to watch out for on the great accepting all the others the time. He said that he didn't know anything about the clan. We wait. No, probably until we end this year. But Lonzo is in that bracket for Lewis and is shame. If Dr with that quality is no on the great of how it happened. My one caveat to that is I think he does that he's doing the world of motorsport favor because he's still box office. He is able to an analysis fans of IndyCar icing. All sportscar racing. Don't like that..

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