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Bevis morning news. It is six forty five. We've got a temperature of forty four degrees. Next hour. Quinton brogden Kim Conrad to coming up on six hundred WRC ninety two point one FM and the iheartradio app. Tiger basketball tonight. Tigers will be on the air in Arkansas Little Rock tip off seven pre game at six right here on the home of your Tigers. Johnny Jay hours joins us now on Memphis morning news and tiny the Trump administration moved yesterday to officially ban bump stocks. What's what's going on regarding this? What's this all about? Well, remember after the Las Vegas massacre into in October twenty seventeen we started hearing a lot about bump stocks because that is one of the things the Stephen paddock used in his well for lack of a better term arsenal of weapons and things like that. And bump stocks are basically the firearm attachment that you put on a semiautomatic weapon, and it allows that to basically. Fire like a machine gun, and he used this. And that's when everybody started kind of warning what these things are in hearing, the term bump stock a lot now since then there have been people, especially members of congress legislators on a state level to say, I we need a law against these things. They never really went anywhere in congress. There was no legislative there, some states actually, kind of took matters into their own hands, and and and ban them. But now, this is the first, you know, federal light across the board kind of thing, and it was signed into into distance by acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker on Tuesday. It takes effect ninety days after it's published. Indefensible register that is expected to happen on Friday. So you're looking at late March or so when these will be illegal, you have if you have one of these things your gun owner new on a bump stock, you haven't late March to turn it in or destroy the device after that is a legal. Possess them and this falls under the same law that it's a federal law that keeps you from being able to own a machine gun. Basically what I think turned them in you can surrender them to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. Okay. I'm sure not everybody is thrilled about this. You might imagine not. There is the call basically from the National Rifle Association. That's asking the Justice department to provide amnesty for gun owners who already have one. No word on whether it's still go along with that. But they do say that they're gonna find any legal challenges that could be brought I would expect one of those from the NRA or some sort of done advocacy group as far as how many are out there. It's they're not traceable. So it's hard to tell exactly, but the ATF systems twenty ten there have been either anywhere from a quarter of a million to more than half a million of these things that have been sold. So that's you know, if you're thinking that, you know, most people probably don't own one of those rare half a million since twenty ten so that's that's a substantial number so yeah. So so ninety ninety days from when this is filed, and it becomes the law of the land, essentially and people have time to turn those. All right. Well, enough about guns. Let's talk about holidays. Let's talk a little bit fun. So this is this a New Yorkers this Mississippi Christmas for you. This is a New York one next year. I've already everybody vowed that. Next year will be a that. I will be able to come home for the for the holidays. It'll be the first time in several years. So that would that would be nice. I make it home before. Obviously, you know a few times a year but not not for the holidays. So I'm here in New York, and it is super crowded. I did some holiday some Christmas shopping and stuff yesterday. And I was just wear you out fighting a crowd, and you and it's a whole different beast for you. Because when you shop you can't you typically don't throw stuff in a car and dry, or I mean, you pretty you walk with your bags most places, right? Yeah. Yeah. Most places, and so yeah, it gets kind of it gets kind of, you know, difficult to navigate all the crowds, and you subway and everything else. But it's one of those things you just sort of learned to live with. But it's so much fun. You kind of get an idea you remember after you've lived here while you know, you sort of look at the holidays like oh, wow. There's going to be a lot of people here a lot more people. But you sort of you go out and do a little holiday shopping, and you kind of see, you know, the the tourist people who've come from all over the world to the lights and see they have so cool stuff. And you sorta kinda remember? Oh, hey, that's right. This is, you know, don't take for granted. Now, I I know with with Chris coming up Tuesday, and of course, Christmas Eve on on on Monday. Are you getting to kind of have a relaxed holiday or are you going to be part of any special programming? We need to keep our inner ear out for a little bit different next week. I'm sort of sliding over to help out a few folks. So they can take some time off and on Monday. We have also if you have Sirius XM on your devices, maybe at home, or whatever, and you, of course, go back and forth between WNYC as serious as some people. Do I'm doing a little anchoring over there on our on our other sister network. I'll be doing that. And filing some other pieces been doing some entertainment news lately. It's just it's kind of you know, kind of been all over the place. You know, what I do is I barged into people's houses that have the smart televisions? And and I turned on the FOX News Radio app. Ryan stall at so at the holidays, I'm gonna option. Yeah. I'm going to go in and do that. Because I don't think for that it requires a subscription. Like, hey, let's listen to our buddy, you know, Tanya with that. That's that. I'm sure that the only thing they'll they'll say to you. Hey g thanks so much for tournament. All of this. This is this is worth it come back sometime soon. You know, that conversation is better than the the the latest one that we've been holding back for years regarding the contempt that we have, you know, you know, during the holiday season, you know, what I mean? I mean, well, you know, if you're gonna do that also suggests, you know, take some cookies. Cookies, always. Yeah. Cookies always win the day. Sure will merry Christmas and looking forward to talking to you in the next couple of weeks, or so and and stay safe and may your shopping be good. And may your discounts be huge. Thank you and avoid those crowds at the mall of Memphis. You'll be fine. Thanks. Yeah..

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