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Irving coming along with a multi million dollar twenty five year taxdeal at can't afford in two thousand and five after convincing city council the financial margins on the project were so thin and can only afford to pay five hundred thousand dollars a year in property tax less than ten percent of the going rate but according to confidential documents. It's about Canada port released by earnings partner in the deal Repsol suggests that the deal was a lot richer than saint. John was told the project would have been profitable even without the tax breaks to many Saint John Residents it looked like irving oil had lied to them the Irving's walked away with killing and deprived of port city of tens of millions of dollars of tax revenues that could've helped out its citizens here city councillor Jerry low speaking to the CBC see that's where we're hurting so bad right. There's a lot of money being made of their Anna's not coming our way for the mayor of Saint John One of the most humiliating parts parts of this whole saga was the quilt that he'd given the press on the day that the deal was approved quote I asked him very clearly and looked into his eyes and said Kenneth Breath you look into my eyes and tell me if this does not happen. Will this facility not be here and he very clearly said yes. It's true on quote well Kenneth Size had lied but when it comes to business the Irving's are ruthless and Kenneth Irving was about to find out just how ruthless his own on family could be because even though at this moment he was one of the most powerful men in New Brunswick in just a few short years he'd lose it all in one of the most tragic ways imaginable..

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