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Took a great interest in Caesar most likely as a favor Tamari us and took him under his wing during his time in power sin is noted as a man who easily made a tyranny looked like democracy wonder if that will come back up and Caesar's lifetime Senate Zinta thought so highly of the young Julius Caesar that he allowed him to marry his daughter. wait what happened to Cassia well as the Fleming dials Caesar was required required to marry into the upper class and although Cassia was wealthy she was still a member of what was essentially the middle class at the time. Also the law required Caesar to break off off his relationship with his bride. Indeed Cassuto was left in the dust and Caesar was married to Cornelia the daughter of CINNA. So Caesar's plan to get power through. Marriage still was successful just not in the way he expected. Cornelia and Cesar had a single child together. Julia and Caesar seemed happy. It seems Ed kept his promise to make a better life than his father but then came the sulay problem of course word reached Sela of all the machinations happening in Rome. He Still Jill how to defeat mithra dates but in the back of his mind he was always thinking of his return to Rome. After claiming Roman Victory Solo rushed through two days of peace negotiations nations and didn't even contact the Senate about terms highly irregular but Sola was determined to save Rome Sela and Senna's armies engaged in a bloody battle but the sheer power of the Solas army alongside sin is death at the hands of a mutiny. Meant Solo was again victorious. Sola appointed himself indefinite dictator in immediately went to work dismantling the regime. Marius had begun. Sola and his men destroyed statues dug up Marris's corpse and threw it into into the river and took away the power of Marris's allies which included Caesar's position as the Flam dials sees. You understand stand that I can strip you of your inheritance your wife's inheritance and you'll position as the high priest of Jupiter. I would guess I don't. We'll have much of a choice in the matter. You are a smart boy. You will lose all this but you can choose to save your own life. Oh you would be so kind of course you would think me to be a savage. Your Life can be spared if you choose to divorce Cornelia Anelia know what you can take away my power my money my pride my life but you cannot take away that which is personal final to me. Do you not understand the position. You are in boy. Oh I understand. I understand that you're scared of the power that I may yet hold. I hold holds all the power here. That's what you think. This is an act of treason against the dictator of Rome. Know that your life has ended. Caesar and it is by your own hand. Caesar's defiance of Sola was shocking to the new regime. And the first sign of Caesar's Brash side Sela officially really put out a prescription for Caesar not long afterwards proscription was basically a means of the state approving the murder of person but one had defined the approved victim victim. I and no one could find the condemned. Julius Caesar meanwhile the Family and Friends of Caesar who mostly and conveniently were Sala supporters pleaded pleaded with Sela to keep the young Caesar alive even the vestal virgins declared that it would be a mistake in the eyes of the gods to murder him now. That's a big endorsement on your resume. Eventually Solo was calmed down and he canceled the proscription on Julius. Caesar have your own way in. Take him only bear in. Mind that the man you are so eager to save will one day deal the death blow to the cause of the aristocracy which you have joined with me in upholding for in this. Caesar there exists many Mary. Is's Caesar could now breathe a sigh of relief. He was safe from now. Caesar didn't exactly see Sela as a trustworthy guy he still was on the warpath of taking down Maurice's previous allies. There was nothing to indicate that Sola wouldn't reverse his pardon on Caesar if he sneezed the wrong way so Caesar and his wife ran from Rome while they were safe from officially being murdered they headed toward the eastern turn provinces where he still had many associates who remembered his father. Well he also decided to join the army. which would be the beginning of his lifelong passion and that is true? Rise to power a passion that would have been impossible to find a couple of months beforehand because he was too young no because he was the flom in Dallas. The high I priest of Jupiter was not allowed to look at the army or spend more than a few nights outside the city. Heke wasn't even allowed to touch a horse. Seems a little extreme here telling me but if Marius followers had kept in power or even if Sela had not stripped Caesar of his position he could have never even looked to the army as an option. Literally the entire hire. History of our world would be different. If Caesar was never allowed to touch a horse the world would be different simply of Caesar had done anything other than BS accessible soldier and he was a very successful soldier when he was known for his bravery in battle and was one of the youngest ever recipients of the Civic Crown in award given in for saving the civilian in battle. Caesar grew such a reputation among his comrades that he was often entrusted by the generals to take on the most important and significant tasks asks as an example. He was entrusted to travel to Thenia to chat with its King King Nicomedes in hopes of making an ally of his naval fleet. A new soldier a former enemy of Rome now is being sent on his lonesome to make a deal with a king. Let that sink in and Caesar spent a long time the thenia such a long time in fact that it was constantly questioned what he was doing over there. It's likely that Caesar was building his own personal relationship with the king with an eye on his future political aspirations if he had a personal relationship with the country than it wouldn't be too hard to form a partnership if Caesar happened to find himself in a position the power but the rumor that spread around Rome was that Caesar engaged in a sexual relationship with the king. This rumor followed Caesar around for his entire life. Even the soldiers he commanded with just about the legend. Caesar vehemently denied the rumor. But really we'll never know what happened with India Caesar fought with the military until seventy seventy eight BC e when he received word that Selo was dead. Caesar picked up his family and finally returned home a home that always had a special place in his heart. SCISSOR however was back at square one now or really at square zero as he was much worse off societally now than he was when he left and the loss of his inheritance many had no money and his military success meant very little to the general public. Plus with the optimists that supported Sela still in charge of Rome. Caesar wasn't going to take any chances in getting back what he lost and even when he was made aware of the new Anti Sola Group forming he found the group so lacking in leadership and corrupt that he chose not to participate even though it would have raised him back to prominence instead he found a nice house in Sabira living among the lower classes of Rome and turn to to a life of legal advocacy. Something he turned out to be rather good at ladies and gentlemen my fellow Romans. We are here today today not to discuss the past lives of Cornelius. Stola Bella it seems that too many he lived a great past life. Even I can see see that. No we are here to talk about the corruption the extortion the lies and the cheating he lived through in his most recent life as Triumph by the end of this trial. You'll wish for his blood to run through these streets. You'll wish that those past lives lives could have never even existed. You'll whis room. Seems a little harsh. No Oh come now quintas. which or two would you rank above him? Who can rile a crowd more? Get the more engaged than Caesar. Caesar really came into his own. During this period his powerful word choices his in combination with his wild hand gestures and distinctive slightly. High pitched voice made him one of Rome's most noted speakers but even as Caesar gained fame. Mm for taking down Rome's most corrupt leaders. He felt that he still had much room to improve so he once again picked up his things and left Rome this time heading to roads to study under the greatest Greek orders unfortunately along the way he was kidnapped by soliciting pirates. How would Caesar handle handle that? And we'll see after a quick word about our sponsors.

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