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So than anywhere else that i've seen. Well that's not very difficult. But yeah i'll take. We got our dream final. Usa mexico there were definitely some moments last night where it was nervous. Thought we might get a qatar canada final the highlights we'll start with the us and qatar q. To down in austin this was really hurt like one way traffic early on in this game. Nineteen th minute matt. Turner one of his many calls into action. Yeah this is difficult for matt. Turn because it takes a deduction james sands here and it's so difficult. Going one way to go the other unbelievable reaction say that was in the nineteen th minute two minutes later qatar back on the front foot turner again the big stop cash for qatar turner again. This is difficult because look at the dip on this gesture. He doesn't know whether or not he stays ends up. Being the correct decision and another reflex. Save this one ends up at the half being zero zero. Thanks in large. Parts of the first happened to that man. Turner fifty second minute. Lots of discussion leading into this. Would darrell k. Get the start. He does and this a big chancing couldn't finish. Yeah but for a second. Concentrate matthew copy and this delicate law. We love it. little nice. Delicate weighted pass left-foot indicate. I know the goalkeeper comes out making big that you have to pretend away from crazy. How quickly things can change because then a minute later at the other end qatar on the break and we get a penalty call. Well actually i. We don't get a penalty call. We go to vr and then the penalty is given her. What did you think because this divided opinion. No the penalty change saints gets a little touch on the ball. he does. He gets touching the player. I then he gets there burst ball then touch Look at you anti anti-american way. You're the first. You're blind as a dependent. You can't just whip leg out there in the box anti-american anti defender ways. That's what you're doing right there. Maybe how about this. How about this given the business calendar that give him the business. We've seen this before from calendar. Cost put on the old delay tactic to where Maybe we're or usa mexico. A little concha kaffa taste of the concacaf nelson for the qataris Their new here. But they'll sooner standing this megyn that'll happen upcoming penalty over the bar. Something between an shang. I don't know what you're trying to do here. Credit turner here for kind of holding you. Credit turner beholding but ultimately. That's just a bad shot all right so eighty six minute. Here's your game winner for the. Us nicholas gioacchini one of the suburbs to gases artists. Another one of the subs. Yeah it's a joke in here. You gotta get him. Probably eighty ninety percent of that goal. Watch the little drag. He notices defender already on the ground. Second offender doesn't push up zones. We've drags the ball to his left and then presence of mind outside of the foot finds justice already. It look in your face. Berhalter letting the fourth official know what he thinks about the goal there from justice artists. We should know. Greg did apologize after the match without as we take a look at the match statistics here. The possession suggests that the us were in control this match but her watching it especially that first half where i believe they were outshot thirteen to three the. Us were really hanging on for dear life throughout throughout large stretches. This game very large stretches possession. We knew that was going to happen so we did we. Did you think guitar would be as dangerous as they were throughout the whole game absolutely covered it we. We said that qatar would give you the ball. They will concede possession to you and they would rub a dope you. We actually said that term.

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