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Benjamin Crump represents the family of Brianna Taylor woman killed as police mistakenly executed a no knock warrant at our home and this is the opportunity as her mother said to save lives and you're also forces Louisville metro police to activate body cameras five minutes before taking any action senator rand Paul plans to introduce a federal no not banned in the U. S. Senate Ribeiro A. B. C. news Cody's time eleven twelve and with Confederate statues and monuments facing the wrath of protesters elsewhere in the country another states confronting its old self roots in Houston two statues are being taken down the spirit of the confederacy a massive bronze sculpture of a winged angel holding a sword will be relocated to the Houston museum of African American culture the museum's John gas if we push it aside we're not reminded that that had happened and that it could happen again if we don't pay attention the statue will be removed by June nineteenth the date in eighteen sixty five that slaves in Texas learned that the Emancipation Proclamation had granted their freedom two and a half years earlier Jim Ryan ABC news new campaigns in the U. S. and Europe now following Africa's lead on colonial era statues as we hear from Charles de Ledesma Queen Victoria Cecil Rhodes king Leopold statues honoring these leaders of colonial rule have been pulled down over the years in Africa often countries won independence all new generations said racist relics had to go examples include a boisterous a student led campaign pressed by the university of Cape Town to remove a statue of roads and one of the statute of Britain's Queen Victoria not downtown beheaded in twenty fifteen but on the bundles in Nairobi Kenya now they have to step two lies next to explode in a downtown square I'm chosen to that's not going to stop eleven thirteen now your political insights from ABC news the Republican Party announcing Jacksonville Florida will be the place the president trump delivers his nomination acceptance speech this summer the rest of the convention though will still take place in Charlotte North Carolina even as health officials warn of catching the virus in large crowds the president's asking supporters to Philip Tulsa Oklahoma arena next week they must sign up online and check a box saying they can't legally blame the president the campaign or the arena if they get sick at a Dallas forum the president downplayed problems with police departments have bad apples and they're not too many of them I can tell you that not too many of them in the police department we all know a lot of members of the police the president insisting police must dominate the streets to prevent a repeat of last week's violence dominating the streets with compassion because we're saving lives and we're saving businesses we're saving families from being wiped out after working hard does your political insights hi Mandy field ABC news want to sell eleven fourteen A. B. C.'s Andrew December standing by with more on that battle over the Confederate statues it's going on with the some states and at.

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