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While staffers met to discuss the situation the French government has banned public gatherings of more than five thousand in response to the outbreak undeterred several hundred people ran the peers half marathon even though it was postponed as CBS news correspondent Danya Bacchus reporting and since March madness is about to take hold of the country the national college Players Association not a new union for those for unfamiliar but it's a nonprofit advocacy group well they put out a statement saying the NC double a and its colleges should protect athletes with extra precautions given the how the corona virus is spreading and as far as the national college Players Association is concerned precautions should include sanitizing buses and planes carrying the players yeah well the NC double a it's also they think cancel all meet and greet type of events that put players and fans in contact no precedence and should seriously talk about playing the men's basketball tournament games with no one in the stands all right we'll selection Sunday is in two weeks March fifteenth and the tournament starts that following week and on CBS's sixty minutes last night former New York City mayor and democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg talked about how this cove it nineteen outbreak hit Wall Street hard last week Wall Street does not do well with uncertainty and it's the worst thing is nobody knows how bad this is going to get I can just tell you in my company with splitting in all our big offices into two different buildings even if it's just a temporary thing if the flu does strike and strikes are employees it won't strike all them because we have to continue to provide a service a big part of Bloomberg news is providing financial data and info to companies and firms the billionaire presidential candidate has spent millions of dollars trying to get voters support as we now head into super Tuesday when a fifteen states in American Samoa all fifteen will be holding their primaries tomorrow it's four twenty two now let's get to authors talks then this week's podcast you were there too name of the new novel from Colleen Oakley a former freelance journalist was writing an article about sleep when she stumbled across a study about mutual dreaming when I came across a study I just kind of stopped because the study said that there was enough anecdotal evidence that plaintiffs could say that mutual dreaming was a real phenomenon and mutual dreaming it's when two people usually they're quite close siblings their mother and daughter are best friends go to sleep on the same night and share the same dreams start each other to hear more about this and you were there to the name of the book check out this week's EECS.

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