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No. So well, kind of so I. Okay. So back when we're very Christian identified. I like really have a lot of really popular. Gosh, Florida's where I just knew I wanted to perform with. I still am onto one with two speakers at Nemi artist. But. Now, I'm like. Have a like a love so many different privacy. Amusing. So like, I just always imagined. We're like I get to. To be on stage where I'm able to form with folks like Fantasia along with people like. Beyond say along with people like her or a U R E are along with like these soldiers, our as in the Mike break, Liam dislike across different, my John RAs, even my some of my favorite country artists like Carrie Underwood and rascal brats Clarkson. I don't know. Like, I have. I'm like of the fan writes, something different types of thing. A party B and. Yes. So I have like. It's like like us. Coachella sorts, but without the. Colonialism? Taking over his face says that are indigenous. So. Yeah. Like, just like bringing all these different some of my baby, John, listen, bigger audience together in mice, sir state of import night or something. That's an cooler than my Meatloaf. What is that? How about that? This is my mom left, Meatloaf, and she always play. Well, my mom loved big vices. So that's always been my thing. And it doesn't matter what. Or is. If it's gospel rock old. I mean. I mean, heavy metal or musical seats. If it if it was a big rise and Meatloaf as a big, right? So that was a since I was a child. It was just weird fantasy of being one of these often nameless women. And this I always find a way to justified in my head. Why would be me in that situation? I cannot say. What's semi responsible? For Trump said, I'm not he's one of the. No, really, though. But also like. Your mom, and I have to be good friends. I think because that is me if I don't I don't care about the John Ritter areas like. This is a big voice or even if it's not like a big boards that is a very clearly skilled going like you can. You can tell which voices are are skilled in which artists studied aircraft. I won't love regardless. So. That musical theater. I it rises and like Cynthia Haribo I saw her. Yes in color, Broadway. And I was like. Her in amber Riley athletes with my favorite musical theater woke. Liz amazing. It's amazing. Oh, I'm so happy about. Yeah. This is literally like when I'm not thinking about everything else. I'm literally sitting with us IX in probably on YouTube watching different performances of these are. That's my life. The the the Kyle after one of the the color purple performances on Broadway. When they've saying is around San friends tied preparation. You do pep Lorraine have yes, I have is. So good though with. Jennifer hudson. Yes. Yes. Cynthia rebel end. There was Daniel breath who I really love. I didn't know if she could sing. And I was like, wow. This is actually the invincible. Yeah. That was a secret thing and people like oh, right. What how did you not tell right? Like, I'm like, how do you go from orange the new Brad? So like color purple. I love it. I wanna going to ask you the last question. Okay. We'll do the extra question for the special content for the patriots people. Last question is this. So you're in the pronoun today in you pronounce, okay? In the delivery room..

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