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I have told people not to go into saucer replacement therapy for the reason i just told you. And they've gone onto sossamon replacement therapy and then they'd come back office. Awesome place maccabee to tell me. I should listen to you man. 'cause now my disaster that sixty and i have no money to pay my doctor and i don't know what to do. It's right here. So it's it's it's a no brainer. It's a no-brainer. Don't need them. You don't need yes programs way cheaper than not and it works better in its natural expanded. Lalas needles needles. I you know what i would put you know what i would put. I would put my my ten best offers against any other guy on testosterone. Could him up against each other. Trt workouts like like like like you know what i mean like like fitness. Whatever guys who are naturally to saas over fifty even against younger guys who are taking. Trt anytime our top ten days and alpha will crush anybody anybody hundred all young guys we would destroy them at guide like josie even come on no question question. Jonathan terry watch komo mountain. All you guys beast your beasts alpha camps can be sick to all my god two thousand twenty two now quickly to alva. Can't twenty two is going to be insane like guys. Yeah this is going to be getting. Whose forms isn't going to be a game changer. Eight really easily get eighty one alpha games. We already on twelve people very so they're already coming so anyways lots time to build hype doing lick. We got brian curl. How do you the munchies question. Big bc baby. Brian good to see you. Angry question workers more cars brian. One hundred percent more cars. It's a simple answer so let me give you the longer. Just not too long but a longer so the reason. Why you're having munchies could be a few things number one us just not. Eating enough calories was the reason. For the munchies. The disease longer. There was a cannabis gif. So he's like maclear. Those kind of munchies munchies. He has candidacy is asking for a brother. Oh okay yeah. If i were. Medicis related munchies. All can sorry my so. I didn't get that okay. I didn't see that in the question. Okay asthma comments from ryan or are we just. Yeah okay okay. Great great great question because actually this is a very good question and we need to start talking a little bit more about it because cannabis's legal it's most places in the world and it's something that helps a lot of people and you know have seattle. I'm not a can of i was never any. I never smoked. People would would through throw it out of my hand. Because i had no how i never smoked and i don't know how to smoke so they were just knock it out of my hand because they want me to my lips frigging up like do not give it anyways..

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