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On the show dan johnson says lex luther look like the bad guy to but look what 'tatanka did to him ted tonga's sold out for the bucks i think shane mack manager to talk a here lex lugar was the red herring daniel brian is the new red herring this is 'tatanka lex lugar all over again and to talk of versus lex luther went down in history as one of the great rivalries in wwe so we only expect amazing amazing things you got your championship match the payperview aj styles versus gender mahal i'm i would imagine the singh brothers will be back with gender i think it'll be a good match i could we can all only hope that aj retains the championship i again i don't have anything bad to say about gender mahal i don't have i think that he's you if you wanna get motivated by somebody pay attention to the gender mohale story pay attention to a guy who got a job his dream job and then was given nothing he was even given the threeman band right and then gets fired just because he i we don't really i don't know man because me because we don't have anything now because he did anything wrong now because your work suck not because of anything except a oh he's can think of anything say yeah yeah when i mean you're gone you're gone ski he comes back gioberney gioberney city baby he's losing on raw every week but if you pay attention to him he's getting better he is is getting better in the ring he's gone working his body like crazy to become a physical specimen right he clearly is one hundred percent dedicated to wwe and being better and better and better and he goes forward n becomes the wwe champion and as much as as people were haters about it hatters and they should have it right i i'm not mad at people because a lot of his jamie jebrane did not work as well as it should have but all that said.

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