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All right, 12 53. Let's see if there's a stream of cars out there queuing up. They say the super rude retailers of New England, although drive traffic on the three. So where the snags this time, Kevin for Laura, if you're leaving the city right now, outbound Tobin Bridge. You got the right lane taken for work today. Soon after the city square, telling got some reduced speeds getting up through that on your way over to the Chelsea side. Once you clear that and get into Chelsea, you're looking pretty good up to revere Saugus and up in the Lindfield tunnel. Over on route 16 Revere Beach Parkway. Westbound right. Lane continues to be closed for water Main work just before Route one here and Revere 93 north, looking pretty good getting up through Medford Stone him, in fact, a nice ride all the way up and over the New Hampshire border Right now. Route three's looking good. Both directions between Burlington and Nashua, Downtown Boston, looking good along the river roads through the airport tunnels as south of town. If you leaving the city on the expressway South bound you looking pretty good coming down through massive and savin Hill. No troubles further south under It's 3 24 or 95. Here in Brookline, Route nine. Westbound. You do have your brake lights getting of the work zone here before Chestnut Hill have in Brookline. This report sponsored by all the Bullets a new year in an all new audible, enjoy exclusive audible originals, best selling audio books, popular podcasts and more with a listening plan that works for you Find out more and start listening free with 30 Day trial at audible dot com. Kevin Brennan, WBC's traffic on the threes and now the weather with Dean DeVore. You'll see a lot of sunshine, but it will be ineffective to get us past about 35 on the thermometer and enough wind to keep real fields lagging in the teens or twenties..

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