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The flag he wanted a federal he's on the numbers let's put put forty and he's not that about i guess they say he's not got a truck at the forty three forty two of david three number 7 b annually we all right god for carolina called right there with 119 to play in the first half said they did a great you have to play before but on this one there was three white jerseys in the back the open now mccain sue split split to defensive lineman in all they could do was grabbing before he could get to uh versed in twenty now a push the panthers back to the 45 leading by three carolina breaks huddle but carefree to the left of the quarterback newton who is in the shotgun in twenty from a 45 of carolina in that offensive line promiana shotgun step quick lined by krona was caught by two person limping terrific whwhat catch as you want an flag terrific alibekova forty two three forty yard line a biennial gator twelve rick timing on that outside slim albanese sitting there safety dropped into that all book you i've got the ball got it out of his hands quickly hit that first window on this land before mccain together and all the time out of a ticket by uh uh their first day at one more one on fixed the play moving the ball on again resetting your six in three carolina they won two straight they beat atlanta last week and they are right on track after their four in one started seeing were they're excited about this team their offense really hasn't hit their stride yet you've seen a little bit more tonight they've been more efficient but they love where the defense is and they believe if their offense can catch up can be a team that can contend for the nfc championship miami is formed four they've lost to on a roll just one game the card spot in the al sleep sucking down robert often 43 for carolina three wide five of the dolphins secondary shotgun snap go hi it's caught fire here's.

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