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Combined with the two entities will further enhance the group's ability to develop HD games. Prior to the reabsorbing the developer announced that it would use its remaining time working on a patch to improve the game's overall performance and developing DLC in tonto we trust, which is, quote, on track to release this summer, for spoken fans. So get stoked for that. Get stoked, everybody. No surprise there. The worst. Greg Miller fucking told you, don't worry about it. And then bad to worse the final story of the day. Number 7, Square Enix is still blocked chaining it up, everybody. Don't worry. They're not afraid of this. Steven totila tweeted, of course, he's from axios does a bunch of great work that tweeted Square Enix CEO asked if it's upcoming slate of games this year, Final Fantasy 16 among them is perhaps too good because how are they going to grow year the year after that? Relentless pressure for publicly traded companies to grow. And what it is is a Q&A with yosuke matsuda, the president and representative director we just talked about. The Q goes like this. Well, I think it's fair to expect growth in fiscal year 2024, 2023, in part because you plan to release multiple major titles. I also fear that this will create a year over year hurdle, you will be unable to surmount in fiscal year 2025 2023. Oh, and maybe that's cute, maybe that's quarters. So fiscal year 2024, three fiscal year 2025, three. So that must be quarters. What kind of initiatives do you have in mind ensure sustainable growth? The president and representative director says major title launches will not be concentrated solely in fiscal year 2024 three. We have organized our pipeline so that we so that we will have a good spread of new releases in fiscal year 2025 three and beyond as well. We also hope that you will look forward to the blockchain games we plan to launch in fiscal year 2024 and thereafter. So obviously, this is a financial report, the conversation of people that are trying to make money. You got to say things that make the shareholders happy and that last sentence there is doing just that. While also making all the gamers very sad and very upset, we don't need to go into it too much longer. We all fucking get it. We don't believe in this. We think it's going to be bad, just like we just talked about Suicide Squad. There's no hope here. This doesn't sound like anybody believes in this stuff from a creative point of view. It's all about money, money, money, money, and it fucking sucks. Having said all of that, there's a lot to look forward to from square. And the year that they are planning on having and hearing this to me is such good news that they believe in falling fantasy 16 hitting on the date that they put out. What's that mean for fall fancy 7 rebirth? I think that this points to confidence that it is going to hit in that winter area that they're talking about, whether that's late this year or more likely early next year, this is the first time I've actually really believed that we're getting rebirth before the fiscal year starts over probably in April next year. Which I think let's stay tuned for that because that definitely would be a strategy. Even if they put it out, the first week of April, then all of a sudden, they're able to count that money differently for the success of that game. Well, undeniably be financially. And on top of that, we know that they have a bunch of other projects. This is a square that is leaner because it doesn't have crystal anymore. It doesn't have items. It doesn't have the western side of things. So it is just more back to the traditional Square Enix things, no Avengers. But it does have octopath traveler too. All of those type of games, it has the Final Fantasy pixel remasters. It has duds like for spoken, but it also has what looks to be major successes on the way with Final Fantasy 16. And otherwise, it has a maintained revenue source with creative to back it up with Final Fantasy 14 online and we know that Kingdom Hearts four is coming. What do we not know about that's coming down the line? Like the surprises like stranger Paradise and things like that. I think square is in a very interesting place right now and I think that they've been on a roll for the last couple of years and not roll without major misses. Of course. But if there's major misses, I'm okay with it when there's also major hits and they've had major hits and looks like they're going to continue to do that for the next year or two at the very least. And I'm really excited about that. Could not be less excited and like honestly anti excited about this blockchain stuff they're talking about. But it is what it is. I mean, you know, I can't wait to see what square has up their sleeves. But the blockchain is so far away if I wanted something more immediate, say what came to the mom and grab shops, where would I go? The official list of upcoming software across each and every platform is listed by the kind of funny games daily show host each and every weekday. Today before your eyes on PlayStation VR

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