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Diesels in meal. Don't let old tram loose out thereby bonfire. that ain't what we need to do with ultra. He is from ohio by the way through. He is from ohio classic guy. he obviously. Yeah they're and had to make the transition back he said it's only a matter of time for i get that beautiful beard back but i like to travis kelsey you know. He's a super fashionable. You always rocks aggressive looks. He's your face look like in the internet was i. don't ever fuck again and it was routed. The internet to do that travel travel. You do whatever you want. Do you want bonfire camp out. You do whatever you wanna do that. Boom and reach out to your brother. We're chasing kelsey. It's time for jason kelsey to step up and shave his face and take the heat a little bit off of his brother because man people were eviscerating. That guy on the internet got an area last night travis. Kelsey was trying to all right. What happened then. The first tweet. I saw was like one of those random college athlete like post. It was like a random high school. Athlete was picture. Travis kelsey and it said high school in one thousand nine hundred ninety two or something like that and i was like traveling like grown man in high school and scroll down another one and it was a black and white photo like what is this and then all i saw was just a burial ow. Not oh no travis woke up and or maybe came out of a napa one on what was going on so i'm trying to what the fuck did while he knew it though. Susan had zoos. You shave at you know at aj. You've never had a beard so if you grew when i think people would be freaked out but my dad was a mustache guy back in the day when he showed up one day without a mustache is a new fucking human being that can happen or it happens all the time i have plenty of. I remember kids growing up their dad. Same thing they had it for twenty five years and all of a sudden something happened they cut it and you know they have like the old. Farmer's tan were that mustaches. Been twenty five. It looked completely different than they grow back in like fourteen hours. It comes back to poor travis. Cousy okay travis. Tweeted this hashtag mustache. Mondays on august. Second maybe this is why he'd shave it all off and it's all those guys with mustache on that thing or a little way to go about it. They don't have all got. That was the micro. I thought the mouse thing. I thought he potentially v for vendetta the anonymous the guy off the mustache looks good but he has to reset and they caught a bad angle. Another one too. It's kinda like saas phase on how you doing here right to. Can you imagine if he had that face and he was trying to rocks. Some of those fits going on planes. He would've just had to wear jeans with an under armour polo tucked into it. Like have been the only thing he would have been able to wear to the point. John deere flannel get brian. dicky's all wear their. He knows he's going to be. Hey it's trying to get you're not trying to camp. He'll be back on the other side with the beard. I assume as he was probably so mad about mustache. Mondays is a guys. If we do mustache money. I mean on everybody's doing it was the younger you think he looks. Just like heath miller to me. I think he's channel heath. It's going to be his best season because he was a long time. Pittsburgh steeler tight end by the way for.

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