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All right, then time now to dive into cereal's while we got to Veneta here amongst other reasons, generally like your company, whereas Spall where is it? Fill out a beautiful city in Wisconsin. You should go there middle upper Northerns middle upper northern so why we hosting Roma followed the way haven't won a six month something around that time. So it's not going well Foudy ordinary hoping that his take advantage twenty-second meet minute Iago CO Nixon's in the cross mo- Fahd as the easy. Etter? Core store the right back feed and there he's just come back from injuries while role also without monoliths their best defender, so it was absolute shambles at the back of their fifty second minute. Here comes Roma looking for a response Ingenico into the box taken down from behind. Well, looks like ballet TIMMY, the full time. The second time it sick and phoned on the placentas apparently k-, no plankton fickle gets ahead of his defendant gets It's. foe. Geico penalty steps up Hulusi like we're all level at one. Seven minute. John Jay Zeus. Fakes down unveil pit down in the box. Those e well. Take a look far. But the penalty is giving us from the attack. Well, I'm gonna say. Defend that doesn't actually took the bowl sold the whole position. So kick Giannetta. Put it away. And he does Paul. Winners. Audi around areas guys there is you see outside the top four. They're out of Europe at the hands of Porto. They're out of the Italian Cup on chill. Come on cheer. Not going well Roman right now tell what specifically is gone wrong here. Well, it's what's going on entire season long moan, she the architect who was billed as Jesus the one who would come to this team and revolutionized the club that would find players from the second division of other Bindi football. It didn't work out with Monchy half the players e body got a little bit unlucky. They got injured. But they didn't work out. They didn't have the same effect that they did at severe worry unearth rack pitched any Elvis. No, these so Roma the reality is they're not spending as much as the meal sides. So they're not really a top four team in terms of talent. And unfortunately, the XFL knows they'd be the front shy school the same man who took him to the champ Zeke semifinal, it's unfair. But it always does fall on the manager. Also on the sporting director, Mon sheep at the players are the ones the blame and cloudy rainier. He's not gonna have the magic pill because I think this team is one that they have to a little bit in the summer and realize identity do they really want to have going forward? You mentioned the two teams in. Milan. Of course, Sunday the Debbie de LA, Nina. We say right did enough close. Let's take a look at the odds Milan. Slight favors over Inter Milan. What do you see now Milan? Massive favorite Davin lost in the league since the Semper. It's ten games to feed it, and you know, what Milan have been winning. They've been winning pretty they play. Finally, some good football under for inter economy situation. If I were an inter fan, I would never be able to accept this player of back as a pen..

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