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Can feel downright overwhelming and it could be beneficial to speak with someone who shares your faith and values online counseling from faithful. Counting dot com. Is there for you. They can it professionals christian counselors safe private online environment super convenient. You can do it through the app through video chat texting and i think just about any way you can communicate with somebody you think of it. They have smoke signals not not an actual guaranteed but they do have a lot of stuff and they have licensed counselors who are specialized in depression stress. Anxiety a crisis of faith issues to which you don't always get with counselors if they're not christians. You don't want no atheist counselor or financial aid available for everybody who qualifies anything. You shares confidential. Just like with a regular counselor. If you're not happy with your counselor for any reason you can get a new one. There available worldwide can text chat phone video. You can start communicating in under twenty four hours. It's available on desktop mobile android. I o s wow blackberry. Maybe not but if you go to faithful counseling dot com slash. Babylon listeners will get ten percent off their first month. That's right so why not get started today. Go to faithful counseling. Dot com slash. Babylon be follow the questionnaire to help them. Assess your needs and get matched up with the counselor that you're gonna love faithful counseling dot com slash. Babylon be another question from superfan. Am i really supposed to trust the views of very failed. Podcast her over duster fauci. Every single one of these questions is.

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