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May apply may not be combined with other credit offers and the operations on eleven thirty nineteen now W. RKO weather channel forecast the next round of rain is going to afternoon through tonight and into the start of thanksgiving but for thanksgiving afternoon on thanksgiving night will be dry and also some dry weather from Friday that started the weekend before the next door system moves in later Saturday and into Sunday as far as the rest of this afternoon to rain should begin to develop with temperatures in the upper forties to low fifties windy and wet tonight with showers increasing overnight wind gusts out of the west may reach thirty or thirty five miles per hour below forty three right okay proctor in the morning on thanksgiving that's a breaks in the clouds in the afternoon hours with a high of forty six will be dry for thanksgiving I clear and cold or the low down to thirty mostly sunny for Friday and Saturday highs each day in the upper thirties to low forties right moves and Sunday may mix with some snow at times the high thirty eight I'm Jeff more from the weather channel on the voice of Boston a of six eighty W. RKO are you ready for thanksgiving tomorrow I don't know how you got to be here instead of home cooking Dakota Johnson one of the same game one shell into the three on A. B. C. four in joint pet loss in use Leon Harris and storm team four chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer for news for it for bringing down the day's biggest stories and giving you a first look at your forecast working for you every afternoon on news Ford for wouldn't it be great if your winter holidays came with a guide when they find you parking at the mall well we can help with that but when it comes to buying or selling your car true car is your definitive guide need any ride true car shows you what other people paid for the.

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