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Three four and it's brought to you by jewelers. Here's a little story for you. Hot pockets delicious little microwave things go with some sort of red sauce screen, delicious lucious They've been around since the nineteen seventies, but they weren't called pockets back then. They were called Chunk stuffers back then. Yeah, that doesn't sound very tightly with Steve's mom's nickname necks which? Takes that nobody does funny Chung. Ho Chunk stomach coming over. A little party. Mom. Okay. We've already talked about how most of a seventy six percent of US impact on some delicious pounds during the quarantine, and now is the time we're starting to get serious again. We're going okay. We can't keep going up so if you packed on some pounds. You are not alone. Three quarters of had don't feel bad about it. Just don't let it get too far out of hand. Because then it's like mulcair are Josh Gold Care here's some healthy foods to eat vegetables. Would your favorite vegetables Stephen? Anything that's fried now. Right now I kind of like I guess green beans. Salad thousand easy one because the Dow's dressing. That's not a vegetable salad as addressing or is it? Not Lettuce that's like saying. A casserole is a meat. It's not it's led okay, blood, lettuce lettuce. Yeah, lettuce know didn't make the list number one favorite vegetable. POTATOES THAT'S NOT A? Star I know, but they say that it's the vegetable, even though we always fry it. Drown buttering Gravy, so next one is carrots Broccoli. Peas. asparagus Brussel sprouts. I like routes actually up for reels, even without anything special audit like honey or anything I like Brussel Sprout. Sprout. Are you serious not on it, but it's like you cook it with honey evidence that like Bacon and honey. It gives you a sweet and saw it salty taste it. Have you ever heard of? Making asparagus Jenny with honey. Now I have been Bacon Bacon Right eggplant. Don't know honestly that I've ever had eggplant entire WANNA hang. On. It's my favorite emoji on. artichokes, radishes and Okra. Raido I've heard of it, but I don't know what Okra is basically and like Gumbo and like souped like that. It's not really something you eat. Vegetables and it's a weird consistency like you don't know how to cook it. which I don't I tried to it with ribs because I was like Oh. That's you have ribs and there was a weird thicker something with. And it was like bit. The place, not couple of the things that that we wish they'd asked about. Tomatoes did not make list cucumbers, green, beans, onions, lettuce and spinach. A couple little stories about your fifteen minutes of fame people. People on Reddit or sharing the stories about how they got their fifteen minutes of fame, and here we go with some their favorite stories. I was on the news. Because I fell down a ravine and had to be rescued new station helicopters. The whole Shebang another one. I was the waitress walking between tables when Martin Freeman is doing Karaoke in the movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I was little baby. My parents took me to see world, and they sat me on a chair. Eat a banana. The big screen kept cutting to me in the audience would go Baby with a banana peel. Minutes of the entire neighborhood came to my house. Because an ambulance was there. It was just stuck in the washing machine during the competitive game of hide and seek I can see how that would happen happened with a cat that I saw the other day to he got hit and during a cat during a spin cycle anyway, he survived thankfully making this up. No I saw it on the Internet okay. Here's another one. I had a comment on Youtube get one hundred thousand likes that was her fifteen minutes of fame now. The one I played the rule, the role of hervey manager in HR video that was used for years by a major corporation new man. pervy manager and agent video they. Somebody sees you at target like okay watch over that guy. here. COMES MR hands well, that's how it is I. Always feel like Steve Shamir like some of those guys that are always bad guys movies, because if I saw him on the street cross. If you'd like evil, even though he can be the nicest person ever all right, we'll be back with Dave's dirt coming up in a second. This is Lexi from Leesburg Virginia listening on Iheartradio, and now it's time for Dave, sturt on one one point three K. D.. WB Shoutout Katherine Elizabeth, who is thirty eight years old and she listens to our show and we love so thank you happy birthday Catherine, also happy birthday of fifty cent who WANNA say forty five years old. And it also Ringo Starr is eighty years old. You know that you know. He was in the Beatles. He was the governor. The Beatles back in the seventies. Somebody the Beatles two hundred fifty million dollars to reunite two hundred fifty million dollars to reunite and they obviously they turned it down. Why no, because the guy was just kinda like I. Don't know hard to work with or something because he would weirdo million dollar I want so because they had money problems, I heard once like around. Around the eight late seventies early eighties I don't know I think that I think they definitely did because they didn't know the rights to their music, so just like Taylor Swift complained that she writes her music. Guess what the Beatles didn't own their rights to their music. Either when raising gets, it doesn't actually Michael. Jackson bought up the rights to a lot of the Beatles songs and but it was just like shouldn't. The Beatles owned the rights of their own songs? You thank tracks and I. Also by the way the dirtiest brought to you by country, Hearth Bread d like watching Dr Pimple Popper Jenny. Do You Watch Alabama? Not by saying YOU CAN'T WATCH IT Steve I sometimes like yeah, the right thing ask is because with the fourth of July. The doctor Dr Pimple Popper. made a fourth of July POPs and fireworks spectacular. It is a long video on Youtube. I think he does that. Every year of just pimple pops and I just tweeted it out. If you WANNA, fog, go check it out. It's sad. Checkout Dave Ryan, Katie would be on twitter. also I. Wife loves it. That's why radar the time it's like whatever default shows. If there's nothing on, she'll go find that. That or porters or my six hundred pound life. Oh, that's one I can't watch. It's Kinda like dance moms where I feel gross. Like I'm watching like I'm making fun of someone that has it is kind of like that ain't really my thing, either the doctoral communists like so tony going to do a bad accident. Erna where he's from so Tony You said that you've been trying to lose weight, but you've gained forty two pounds. Since our last visit was laying, he'll be like doc. Swear to God I haven't eaten nothing. I only had like a couple of carrots. He's like Tony our line to me, because if you had only a couple of carrots and follow the Diet that I gave you, you would have lost at least twenty pounds and he's like Gosh. Where'd God? DACA had nothing but carrots because they have to lose the certain amount of weight before they can do that gas. Bypass every not every time once in a while. They have somebody on there. It's like Whoa. Thank God. He actually did follow the Diet so I don't know. Suck me once in a while and other dirt just let you know because there's other things going on as well last week and Katy Perry in Orlando. Bloom enjoyed a baby moon. She's reportedly due next month, so days are numbered before life with a couple of turned upside down to hear that my daughter Allison Katie and Orlando traveled along the Carolina coast to the charming seaside town of Santa Barbara. They were photograph taken a Romantic Beach Stroll. They wore face. Coverings round their necks. Just in case they cross paths with strangers, which was unlikely. The Santa Barbara beaches were supposedly closed over the fourth of July weekend. I guess they're not supposed to do fireworks, because there's really really dry in California and they had one of those helicopters that fly over L. A. and it looked like the dope is firework display ever seriously not safe because I believe the California governor was like no fireworks because the drought. But I will say it looks pretty cool. Right It's e post posthumous juice. World Song came out yesterday called life mess with Halsey and his new album legends never die comes out this week on Friday, I'll play a little clip of it for you. All the we played it earlier. Nobody was really blown away by it, but let me just play it, so you'll know what is juice world collaboration with Halsey and here's local..

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