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But i i just leave it in his hands and create valid practice. The hell he comes the meagre paying off and every single time and done. What does this mean for hockey larry of his fourteen for all the young girls out there. And they're going to see when ration- feed themselves on that someone might on that podium showing them just because your email me. You can't accomplish the goal and the being let me chant is one of the things i have ever done in my entire life now. She took i. Didn't i didn't even know that they you won money. One thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars and ralph is one hundred percent rye from virginia in saying that he gave that money to her mother and promised her mom that she wanted her to fulfill her dream of owning a food truck and gave all the money to her mom. What a what. A beautiful soul. What a great american. What an inspiration. Take it away ralph. Well like i said the last few olympics. I've been down baseball. I've been down football down now. Basketball's completely out. I mean there's no love for the country anymore and This girl inspired me that there are athletes out there. That still love this country. I you know. I find like you. And i'm not a boycott supporter. I've not been watching the olympics. This to me is the moment. And i've i've gotten a watch it a few times because i find it so inspiring Just like with the nhl playoffs When the stanley cup playoffs going on the islanders and the tampa bay lightning and others. You know the crowd singing the national anthem. I played at many times and watch politics now destroying athletic events. It's you know it's sad. You see ratings down for the olympics by forty five percent down dramatically in the nba. Major league baseball lowest. All star ratings. They've ever had You see ratings declines everywhere in every sport. Nfl same thing major league baseball nba and You know i just. My interest is waned and i know even some colleges now are getting into the the social justice thing and i think we ought to let sports be the naturally unifying event that it is and stop adding politics to it. Because it's not helping the athletes. It's not helping people unite. You have people in the stands. They have shared passion of the sport and of a home team. And and now we're we're bringing politics into it. And unfortunately i think in the nfl in particular dow now the doubling and tripling down on it. And i don't think it's going to have good results for the nfl. And i think ultimately the athletes are gonna pay a very big price in all of this. Right's fees for television will go way down. Salaries will go way down. Attendance will go way down. It's sad and and it's it's all about politics and it's dividing the country. It's it's it's just sad to me anyway ralfe in virginia. Thank you eight hundred nine. Four one sean. Good observation be called a do something nice for her. If we can look we'll think of something we always do. let's go to janet south carolina. What's up janet. How are you glad you called janitor you there. Hello janet all right. Let's go to Let us say hi to sandra's in michigan what's up sandra. How are you. Where in michigan are you yeah. I'm in on suburb outside. Detroit and you're talking about a lot of the stuff happens to coronavirus. But i don't know if you're aware of what's happening in michigan with their pets are veterinarians are completely Books people are losing their pets. Their dogs or cats are dying. You can't get in to see that because nobody is working. I had a guinea pig. Die in my arms because the veterinarians refused to receive me. The emergency events are completely filled to capacity. We had to kick a dog to the middle of the state and lansing which is an hour and a half for an emergency ultrasound because the next ultrasound was a talk tober This is all under a governor which mirrors Watch my we call her hair. She's not governor whitmer. And i'm just really terrified with tapping in michigan and i don't think anybody's going on what's going on with that right now in our state. I never heard about that you know. Look what the handling of. If i had to pick off the top of my head the worst dates and how they were handled starts. New york michigan pennsylvania and new jersey. That's listening to the new jersey governor. You know lecture people. I'm like really look at look at your idiotic nursing home executive order you followed. Cuomo governor wolf followed cuomo. Witless whitmer followed cuomo. I mean honestly. It's it's a sad. I i've not heard this about dogs and cats and vets that's new to me But it's sad because you know look if you own an animal. And i've had many of my life. They're members of your family. You love you know. It's it's kind of funny. There's no amount of money. Anybody that i know would wouldn't pay to to help. Save a dog or a cat that they love this to you just now. Sometimes the vet will be very clear. It's just it's it's you're not gonna be able to save this animal and i don't know anybody that has a heart that that has had to live through Putting down an animal and not just being torn up about it. Because it's that that's how important they are to us in our lives. I mean honestly. That's why i'm hesitant to get a new one at this point in my life it just. It's too painful on the whole process of painful in the end. And i'm sure i probably will 'cause i love them so much but i know that's sad to hear i'm not a big guinea pig. Fan either by the way How old was your getting. Pick my guinea pigs only a year and then i had a rabbit last year. I had to euthanize in the parking lot because we're not allowed into the veterinarian so we went down in the parking lot in front of the drake's restaurant while everybody was watching me crying. My eyes out south. Yeah that's what's happening up. Or breaking heartbreaking. So what did they see. They came out in the parking lot and euthanized. Your guinea pig not a guinea pig died in my arms. It came out to the parking lot and use the nice rabbit. Yes for the rabbit. No yeah and people are waiting like eight hours. Is your pack. Wait eight hours to get in. It's terrible it's it's awful. I mean it's so sad what you're describing. That's that's that's new to me. I thought i heard it all sandra. I'm very sorry. That's hard to live through eight hundred nine. Four one sean. Our number you wanna be a part of the program. That's going to wrap things up for today. Really excited tonight. That we have tamra mensa stock. The olympic gold medalist on what's going. I can't wait to meet her anyway. Kevin mccarthy jim jordan mark meadows dr nicole sapphires. Sarah sanders leo. Two point oh ari fleischer news. You'll never get from the mob. All happening nine eastern hannity tonight on the fox news channel. We'll see you then. 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