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So your local school will be the new bryan cardinals. They have a very successful volleyball. Team and two more wins will give the cardinals another title. That's in division. Four division three looks something like this brackets. Well i'm surprised sorry. Cincinnati hills christian academy with a sweep of our sales at fairmont. They will be taking on tomorrow at seven. Avondale butler huron. Who swept johnstown nor fridge. Independence takes on tuscaroras valley at four pm. Tomorrow saturday the fourteenth of november and then the state tile game will be the fifteenth that sunday at seven thirty. That's the vision three now. We look at division two volleyball brackets more brackets with words on them. I'm surprised tonight. Well actually that should be done by now. Tippecanoe against gates mills. Gilmour academy on hockey for the taylor wanda thanksgiving tournament born on that. Little bit later. We're going to do a dive on twitter because this game is supposed to be played. Thirteen that one. I'm recording this at five pm on thirteenth. And there's no result in that let's look up. Tippecanoe red devils. What's on the other side of the bracket you might ask before. I just start wandering and talking jonathan. Alder they played at ten. Am and they took on. Sheridan's notre dame catholic. Excuse me notre dame cathedral latin. I have no idea why bunch of that so much. So the winner of those ballots will play on the fifteenth sunday at nine at butler for these state title and it looks like the red devils fall. In ford to gilmour academy. Meaning that's also the first loss for tippecanoe as well. That's that's tough one for tippecanoe but the red devils win the first set twenty five twenty then dropped the next three twenty five eighteen twenty five twenty three twenty five fifteen meaning. The red devils will not be playing for a state title. And now let's look up shaath and older and the pioneers their logo at least for the football team is that arizona a and it's colored john all colors and last update is six hours ago and the lines were up nine hundred and fourteen in the first set. That doesn't help me in the slightest so again. It's not tippecanoe. Playing for the satanic gilmore kademi and other jonathan alder or notre dame cathedral. Latin look on twitter.

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