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Want to close at works or Baxter and so on and so forth and that meant to. Talk with him and you know wrote him up and. So on. So. I stayed in touch with them a little bit as time went by because he was he was my baxter he was you know the guy. And then in that and nearly nearly. Illit Richmond. So. Whenever you know he'd show up at the track I talked to him and and NASCAR. You know he was always in some old car member bill. Was the chief at the time. Of One race or some kind of violation and I got all over. Gatherings and what are you doing this? You know wh, why aren't you weren't your? Cooking. Richard Petty's are closely and has always you know these old cars are. Going to is like. honeysuckle thick. You never know what you'll find. And so on and so forth. I was always kind of talking to him and. It took until nineteen seventy, seven Baxter. Took him seventy seven to get back to Richland So, he comes back and seventy seven. and He. Told me was comedy and this just again, the September race. All that time going back and he comes back to the September race in seventy seven. And by then there are other people around me who who know him. And And we? You know we got to talking about it. Will you know here's Baxter who his own car he never has sponsor because. You know if he did it was. Some tiny little. Somebody's garage you know and. We had. Let's let's. Let's. Let's do something and one of my friends said, let's let's just everybody sign up. And I think we I think it was twenty bucks a shot. When we? Write our names on on his own the hood on the on the on the project. And.

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