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Remain a points clear at the top of the table and that plus your complaint was happy with the way in despite his side not really performing to the best interesting game from a technical point of view we wanted and I think that's absolutely okay you cannot have to run the boys had so far if you only when the brilliant games I like a lot of to performance not everything but I know why some things were not there and we were working on that the church we see them more often the good things at least Leicester city kept up the pressure of the top of the two to victory away Bryson thanks to goals from IOC Paris and Jamie Vardy Manchester city came from behind to beat Chelsea to want that the F. C. how to move into third house where the winds were moves but only know rich and spurs you be blessed time three two enjoys a Marino's first match in charge thanks to goals from some humane hurricane and Lucas Moura that was hard to break for great Britain's tennis players at the Davis Cup the wall is yes Sir it Stephanie sets up off to the singles at one one but the Spanish patter of world number one Rafael Nadal and Feliciano Lopez the Jenny Marie and Neal Skupski six seven six seven six particularly disappointing ready because they didn't drop a service game or much the the British pack spring face can the later who beat Russia in that semi final Val who was inspired really in brilliant form said after that it was a special nights in the Spanish capital this competition is dramatic nine with Israel for not even more so I think would lead the way my family so amazing during the whole time I thank them for the moment it it's everything while.

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