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Boogie nights patch adams the talented mister ripley bennelong jane pauley he began to occasionally play leading roles and for his portrayal of the author truman capote in capote got one more multiple accolades including the academy award for best actor apartment men appeared in hollywood blockbusters such as twister and mission impossible through and in ghana's final rules as petar heaven speak and the hunger game series from two thousand thirteen to two thousand fifteen toughen was also an accomplished theater actor his performances in three broadway plays true west long vase journey in tonight and death of a salesman all led to tony award nominations puff when struggled with drug addiction as adult and relapsed in two thousand thirteen after many years of sobriety in february two thousand fourteen he was found dead with an official cause of death being combined drug intoxication unexpected event that was widely lamented in the film and theater industries and was described in his new york bitch worry as perhaps the most ambitious and widely admired american actor of his generation famed actor was hyperfocused on his rules did not as attended two details wasn't mary to a significant third she did not qualify for the spouse free inheritance at least twelve million dollars of his estate was lost two taxis also his estate plan was not updated and did not account for all his children so they might not be treated equally another reason why.

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