O'hare, Keystone Pipeline, Senator Dick Durbin discussed on WGN Nightside


Thanks, pat. He'd light snow and strong winds at O'Hare. It's fourteen degrees at the airport, Chicago aviation officials called ground stoppage at O'Hare earlier last night, it has been cancelled flights have resumed, but the wind is still gusting to forty five miles an hour at the airport. Currently Nelson was aboard. One of the last flights allowed to land at O'Hare before the stoppage was called. She came from Tampa lower into Scott, more and more dumpy like even when the plane landed we were just shaking back and forth after we stop moving. It's really bad for flights have resumed at O'Hare check with your airline before heading to the airport over these strong winds an oil leak near Saint. Louis has prompted the partial closure of two pipelines, including the Keystone Pipeline. Investigators estimate about eighteen hundred gallons of oil leaked cruiser trying to determine which by blind leaked the Keystone Pipeline from Nebraska, Illinois is closed along with another pipeline from zuri to Illinois both are owned by Canadian companies. It did not according to officials spill into any waterways. The Mississippi is only about two thousand feet away. Ford has announced at the Chicago auto show that it's investing one billion dollars to Chicago area. Plants Ford's president of global operations. Joe Henrik's assembly will have an all new state of the art BodyShop and all new paint shop and new tooling to build this new lineup lineup. Includes production of the all, new, Ford, Explorer explorer, hybrid police interceptor and the Lincoln aviator expected at about five hundred jobs US Senator dick Durbin villa says he will not vote for William bar, President Trump's pick to be the next attorney general Durbin told CNN's new day that he had two key reason. Sins were rejecting bars nomination both regarding the integrity of special counsel, Robert Muller's investigation. Secondly,.

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