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Dispatched strike team with the engines to the annual valley and also alerted all area resources to move into the cruel mode. So you may see more fire engines patrolling the Palmdale and Lancaster areas looking for trouble all the engine companies in squads in the antelope valley have lent their stations so far. They think there hasn't been anything major that's been missed. I am Brenda says full nine one one service may not be restored to the area for another two and a half hours till eleven o'clock the Lake County sheriff's department tells cakes it's nine one one calls have not been affected a typhus outbreak in downtown LA may mean all the carpets in city hall. The have to be ripped out city council. President herb Wesson tells can't acts his office already has been affected. One other staff thought that maybe she had either been bitten or of fleet. And that's you know, that was when we just with a we gotta get rid of this this where we did it just that. I think that's when I said just the carpet out west says after an employee with a city attorney's office thought, she contracted typhus. Inter he decided all of city hall and city hall as needed we needed to be checked typeface is spread by fleas from Vermont LA is one step closer to fixing a longstanding problem that's kept some roads from being repaved. For decades. We have this absurd situation where we have streets in the city. Of Los Angeles, some of which haven't been serviced since the great depression. Bob Bloomfield, says many of the three hundred seventy four streets withdrawn from public use over the years due to a lack of money to fix them are in his district accounts committee. He chairs has approved a draft ordinance to rectify the situation that's been a huge headache for a lot of city residents. We didn't learn that are street was quote, withdrawn until two thousand eleven which means we live on a street that's private, but we don't know about it. How could it be that? That information wasn't disclosed to us. The Los Angeles Times citing archival records reports LA I moved to withdraw defective streets. Lawmakers may have done it to prevent possible liability claims against the city councilman David Bruce says withdrawing the streets did not get rid of the city's liability and they just need to be fixed. As soon as possible, cloudy pets, Cuba, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. We'll check your traffic coming up in one minute. It's eight thirty. It's the ultimate.

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