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He passed away at the age of 79 this week. His family says he died Wednesday from complications of Lewy body dementia. Bonner had been diagnosed about three years ago with the disease that leads to worsening mental and physical complications. Of course. W k R P in Cincinnati, aired from 78 to 1982 and lagging Ohio with a while lagging Ohio radio station, not the entire state. Don't think the entire state has to flip its format to rock. But that's what w care. P had to do The cast, including Gary Sandy, Tim Reid, Howard Hessman and Jan Smithers Bonner, survived by his wife, Gail, who was as high school sweethearts. And if you're wondering every radio station across the country had a herb garlic in it. At one point, some of them many of them probably still do now. And R I P to our real radio legend saying rest in peace this morning to Mike Manley. Many of you do not know Mike Manley, but he is a local legend. From my old stomping grounds and When you talk about radio, and you talk about local and live and and what? What listeners need to hear. Uh, it was Mike Mike was that through and through and there are Thousands. Thousands of people out there like Mike Manley doing radio that a lot of you don't know about. But, uh, man, they are very important to their Communities and, uh Yeah. My heart just breaks for My old family there and stuff. Mike is up in the sky, probably with a microphone and, uh, he's probably not doing show prep. That's for sure. He's probably on vacation right now. Take us with you. Wherever you go download the talk stream live free mobile app. Reach out to yours truly any time across the board on Social Media. I'm at Matt Ray talk. Use the hashtag. Offended, of course, follow the show on Twitter to at America's first news that use the hashtag A F and we are just getting started on this Friday morning. It is the 18th Day of June. Grab the coffee. Let's go. America's first bills live coast to coast and at a F in now dot com. Gold loves chaos, uncertainty and disarray. History shows us what gold does when people aren't sure aren't sure about the government, the stock market, their jobs or their retirement savings. Our national debt is skyrocketing. Gold and other precious metals are defense measure against inflation and a stock market that might take years to recover..

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