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You know, forensic evidence wasn't what it is today. DNA evidence exists there was no central database. Police departments didn't communicate with each other routinely. I mean solving crimes was you know, weren't even fax machines. It was like rotary phones, and and and hitting the streets. And and Bundy was always one step, you know, kind of a head of him. And in fact, there's a common misconception with Bundy that profiling is what FBI profiling is what caught Bundy. But it's just the opposite the utter when when when Bundy escaped from Colorado and went to Florida he became an interstate fugitive. The FBI gets finally gets involved, but the basically the utter failure of the FBI and law enforcement to bring him to Justice much earlier is actually what caused the FBI to realize they needed to create a profiling unit. And so Bundy was interviewed after his incarceration by an FBI agent named Bill hag Meyer, who you see a fictionalized version of that in mind hunter on the Netflix series is profiling was created, but it's out of the utter failure of the FBI to bring Bundy to Justice that actually caused profiling as we know it today to to have been created Joe Berlinger the name of the film is conversations with a killer. Ted Bundy tapes the docu series, which starts on net tomorrow. There is a woman featured in this docu series who I understand had to be convinced to speak out this Carol. Carol Doron is one. She's she's Ted Bundy she's one of the few people to have escaped Monday fascinating. And very important. You know, Carol Durant was a eighteen year old going to a shopping mall in in Utah outside of Salt Lake in a suburb and Bundy changing his MO. That's the other interesting thing about Bundy, he constantly changed his way of sometimes he feigned having a broken, arm and needing assistance. Sometimes he feigned being a police officer, which he did in this particular case, she was shopping at a mall Bundy approaches her because she was the classic Bundy victim long long dark hair parted in the middle attractive college age that was his his his typical victim a Bundy approaches. Her says, hey, do you own this in this car? She said, yes. Because obviously Bundy watch your park the car. Well, we have a report we have an incident where somebody. We think broke into your car and we need to determine if anything's missing go to the car. She's feeling a little odd about it. But she has no reason to question authority and. She says or he said you mind coming down to the station with me. You know, we we need to get a description and need additional information and she was compliant, and they go over to his car, and it's VW bug which she thought was odd. So at that point, she says, can I have some identification. He flashes a badge. She had no reason to question it again again, very different era. So he gets into the car with her, and he's she's smells alcohol on his breath and starts to put things together. And he is going in the opposite direction of the police station. And so she she insists on getting out and as he's trying to cover her. He accidentally cuffs both has of the cuff on one arm, and that gives her the chance to kind of run out of the car and he runs after her and they're struggling and she's gripping the crowbar that he's attempting to smash over her head. I'm just chilling in the fact that she survived is pretty amazing and her I witness identification of him is how bundy's legal saga finally begins. And ultimately, you know, is this is the first of many steps that actually allows them to bring bring him to Justice. He's identified in a lineup. He's convicted in Utah, attempted abduction. Meanwhile in Colorado, he's done several murders. And he's extradited. To Colorado for suspicion of of these murders. And that's when he escapes from prison, not once but twice who who escaped from prison twice, you know, or even once, and and that's the other part of the saga that I find so chilling that I think the tapes really show is that you know, he's now escaped from prison twice. He's killed eighteen women in four states at this point. He's on the Lam and even a rational, even if you're a criminal. You would think that anybody who has escaped twice would have the presence of mind to understand. Okay. I for scape from prison twice. He heads to Florida where you think you would lay low, but his most vicious killings happened there in one night, he goes on a rampage and kills two and almost kills another to Florida sorority girls at the Cayo mega house at the Florida State University in Tallahassee then runs down the road to another college residents, and and bludgeons yet another woman. And a few weeks later. His last victim is unfortunately, a twelve year old girl in Lake City, Florida named Kimberly Leach and. Again, this compulsion to kill as opposed to laying low this overpowering need to to destroy just to me is utterly inexplicable yet utterly fascinating. And I think you see all that in the tapes just this despite any rational, ideas of self preservation, his need to kill this entity that he talks about that this voice just overpowers him and and the need to kill. And I think that's alternately unexplainable. You know, a lot of the tapes, you know, he kinda dismisses some of these theories that well when he was a child and discovered he was illegitimate that set him off. That's a common explanation for his. You know, what what set him off his first girlfriend in college who had long hair parted in the middle broke up with him. And that was very painful, but we all go through hardships. Like that in life. You know, and that doesn't turn us into homicidal maniacs. And so I think at the end of the day, what the tapes reveal is that he's an. Enigma and evil exists. And it's really sadly, just not explainable conversations with a killer. The Ted Bundy tapes premiers on Netflix Thursday, January twenty four it is quite Benjamin. Joe thank you so much for joining us. Appreciate it. We come back to time top chef runner-up, Shirley Chung and a conversation about her new cookbook. That's all of it. Support for WNYC comes from true west on Broadway, starring Ethan Hawke and Paul deneau opposites attack in Sam Shepard's drama about two.

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