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Are you in. On it not. The, next morning. Just go. Here we go. Man Baseline. Great. That is great and then I also told you a story while we were sitting there, which was a good friend of mine was with you on an island on. New. Year's Eve. You guys were having a great great time and eventually you outpaced him and he had to shut down around I. Think he said three or four in the morning he could still hear you at the Campfire and stuff he then crawls out of bed at like ten in the morning. Returns on the TV to watch the UT game in old matthew mcconaughey sitting in the fucking sidelines in. How? How Is. Is he and he said you looked amazing full of energy bright eyed bushy tailed, and I was like what a constitution. Yes sometimes, we do need more than twenty four hours a day. They just haven't been given any more than that last check. Make tally. Oh. My God. So I'm reading your book a slow reader but I'm extremely slow rear truly enjoying it. You're such a good storyteller. Thank you. Thank you. I've been keeping diaries for thirty six years and they ended up in a treasure chest I. always be next to me daring to say, Hey, one day I'm going to open those up and look at my past and see if anything's worth a damn and I never had the courage to do it really just too scared of I've never really I'm not really started to sort of move forward. Don't look back which you did you did. Part of this, I think cool. Now, the part is I was just too scared to. Embarrassment Oh my gosh. I was glad we forgot about that party or whatever. I. Don't know. Maybe it's coming on fifty and sat there and I had a few weeks and I looked at it, and that'll treasure chest was barking at me and said come on. quit talking about it. Big Boy sounds like all right and I told my wife. She was like that's exactly what you need to get the hell out of here..

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