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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst in a. Series of tweets over the weekend President Trump lashed out at a New York Times report that detailed, extensive cooperation, between White House counsel Donald Mcgann. And the inquiry. By, special counsel Robert Muller NPR Shannon van Zandt has more Trump said. He allowed and encouraged mcgann's cooperation the president also maintained that he has nothing to, hide and called. The Mueller investigation a witch hunt the New York Times reported that Mcgann has granted thirty hours of interviews to Muller's team and share details, regarding Trump's, firing of FBI director James Comey and his push for attorney general Jeff Sessions. To claim, oversight of the investigation Carl Tobias a law professor, at the university of Richmond says mcgann's actions may have rested on his interpretation of the. Role of the White House counsel the White House counsel is not, the personal lawyer of the president but Rouser has an obligation to the office of the presidency Shannon van Sant. NPR news Iran is marking the sixty fifth anniversary of a. CIA led coup against his government and says US pressure will fail to overthrow the current government in, Tehran NPR's, Peter Kenyon reports Ron was responding. To President Trump's. Appointment, of an envoy foreign minister mohammad-javad Zarif tweeted that the newly-established Iran. Action group has a goal of toppling the Iranian government but won't succeed Trump appointed, Brian hooked to. Head the group charged with coordinating administrations around policy the move follows Trump's withdrawal from the twenty fifth nuclear agreement and the reimposition of sanctions, on Iran, over the objections of the other world powers that negotiated the nuclear deal zuri. Posted to, Twitter that quote sixty five years ago today the, US overthrew the popularly elected government of duck Muhammed masonic restoring the dictatorship a reference to. The US back show Veron who was restored to power in the, coup Peter Kenyon NPR. News system boo in Indonesia power is out across the island of Lombok after six point nine earthquake and a series of aftershocks hit the area today officials say some of the buildings and houses. Have collapsed, Thomas Sowell's based in Jakarta is with save the children he's working on getting. Relief to those in need. Weeping navarine key supplies things for people to help people get shelter so shelter kits kits Most importantly we've been an areas children to play. He says his organization has also been providing the children. With psychological first aid this quick comes as the tourist, hotspot is still, recovering from a quake earlier this month that. Killed hundreds of people In. India torrential rain is finally letting up some after. A week. And a half of monsoon. Rains that triggered flooding and landslides in the southern state of Kerala at least three hundred fifty. People died officials say some eight hundred thousand have. Been displaced you're listening to NPR. News, from. Washington from, news I'm Jeremy Siegel members of San. Francisco's LGBTQ, community are gathered in the so my neighborhood today to celebrate the. City's newest cultural district it's called the leather and LGBTQ cultural district media Sarah Craig is at the celebration hey Sarah So earlier this year San Francisco supervisors voted to recognize this new district what exactly does that. Designation mean and what does it mean to the. People who you've talked to out. There, today It means preserving the history of the place back in the seventies it was primarily A safe for the. Gay community to hang out there with forty seven bars now today. There's only seven So culture is away to Importance on this area they hit this history matters and we wanted to begin to grow businesses. That are here and people Hockey today I talked to this man named Bob Brown identified the man and he actually met both. Of this, type this year talking outside of a bar called the tower house, far where he supposed to his latest husband so yeah it's a great event, to see how people are celebrating their. History and I'm guessing there's. A. Lot going on out, there and so many today I'm, hearing lots of people. Around you describe the scene around you yeah I'm actually standing inbetween. Cracking demonstrations and the. Assets say ninety unit puppy play our. People are getting together and acting like us on a mat then there's on. Xtra sweatsuits. Is representing leather men of color I. Just, like, a, wide array of people here, pretty, exciting to see it go on sounds like a lot of fun. Cake, you, Sarah, Craig. Joining us from. Sunday streets Soma where celebration of the. Leather.

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