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When guys have practicing when they're practicing like hell. Like when did that your bill parcels for crying out loud. All of a sudden, he say, sounded like T. Boone Pickens making little pinch between your cheek and gum or not, when our guys are going to be playing blew my mind now. All right. Anyhow, they area there was Jacoby Brissett, baseball wise, We're gonna have players reporting tomorrow summer spring training. Here we go. The Roadster spoke yesterday on a conference call with reporters and talking about players coming back and the process is going to take certainly a little different. I'm focused on here. I'm focused on now. And as we've seen over the course of the last few months, things change quickly, and we learn more information. By the day. I hope we learned more information by the day that will help protect ourselves, protect each other and put us in a position to not only have a great regular season but also a great A great October and stay healthy is the biggest thing for them to be able to get the hell to October. Yes. Ah, they'll have the designated hitter the Mets to have players coming off injury, so that will be a help for them. Keeps pictures from having to prepare for swinging a bat and for running the bases, which should help them stay help and for the position players. We've got suspicious. Jamie Davis, Dominic, says Robinson Cano, Jed Lowry, and the list goes on, and the types of players that can have the offensive profile to be able to take it. Bats is a designated hitter right now. How about this flowery? Did you write? So did you? I heard Evan yesterday. I guess he was reading a tweet from one of the reporters and again. I didn't hear this. But I heard the show and they were talking about how jet Larry is still trying to get to the point to find the brace that makes him comfortable. Won't we? What are we doing for the last 18 months. How long is this going on for looking for braces? Tell you But I guess my point is, they're still not even sure of Hill play, I guess. I mean, he got hurt last spring training. Right. He came back for what a week got, like, two at bats or something. Um And I thought that was such a good signing when they picked him up. Yeah, has not worked out how you know it's unfortunate injuries and injured. I know. I know. I guess this is insanity. This is really long. Now this is like, If Jed lowers your pet, you'd have to put him down. It's gotten to that point. He's just completely end the suffering, you know, Except you pay in the pen. A lot of money is that it is true. Think about this. You're going to see a lot more suspects than Lowry. Would you have ever thought that now? No. I thought he was done. Man completely done with the heel surgery. Thought I'd never see him again on then Boomer has been on this whole thing about the coach's getting contracting Cove in 19. What happens that concerned they're with the Twins. Are trying to be proactive. They have told 68 year old Bob McLaurin 66 year old bill ever is a couple of coaches on their staff. You guys are not going to be a part of this season. They're going to get paid, but they will not be allowed to be around the team like the college football programs who are not being Careful there being reckless. Let's bring all the kids on campus even know what we don't have college you go to we don't have school to go to, but we're going to bring the football players on on the on the field. We're gonna work him out, and we're going to get him sick. Irresponsibly reckless right, right. They're reckless. Speaking of that Harris English withdraws from this week's P G H PGA Tour event in Detroit, Michigan because he showed up and tested positive and so he needs to go self isolate now for 10 to 14 days. On that B that he will not be participating this weekend. Completely stunned because he didn't play last week came from home felt great and still feels good, but he cannot play time now for a moment of the day. So earlier this morning, I played a clip of Phil Simms. He was talking about Cam Newton, and he was basically interviewing himself the way he does when he answers questions. Ah, And then, as he was talking about Newton G kind of stepped up and became Simms as he always does. And I got big Phil Simms news that I saw yesterday that I was going to save for later but is coming back. No, no, no. So Phil Simms has signed up for Cameo. Phil Simms will do your birthday Greetings will do your father's Day. Greetings next year, he Phil Simms is now on cameo. Just so, um So I was contacted by those guys, too, And they were telling me that Wilson's has signed up for cameo and they would like me to do it and everything else and on of doing it, But I think what I'm going to do I'm going to try. I'm going to try to use it as a fundraiser. Okay. Great. Yeah, That's tremendous. Well, Phil's gotta do If he's going to be doing those cameras, he's gotta do that voice that he does, too. It's like Has it going? Your husband said. Someone told me it's your anniversary. I love that. I'm sure will postmortem later, but very well done. Moment of the day. All right. Thank you. And Jerry, go get your Phil Simms Cameo for 111. Boxing will give you the old stupid voice that you wish you well, okay. It looks like we'll be spending more time. Our yards is somewhere I know. I am. I've actually got these Bay Gardens. Guy's here right now. Given me a backyard away, sis as I speak. I needed help from bay Guards. I don't know what I'm doing, though. I look like a shrub guy. Looks like a horticulturist. No, I don't.

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