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Known as the child one of the stars of the Disney plus series the Mandalorian has totally won twenty nineteen I am so and I have first I mean I've never ever instantly been in love is something that wasn't a dog and I have fallen in love with him completely I know you a little bit Britney yeah and the fact that you just said that it's a big deal it's a big darn deal he is so flipping cute when he holds a mug that like my teeth clench up yeah yeah I think I think the collective feeling about baby iota across planet earth is that it's cute aggression and that you need to buy your knuckles so made his debut on the first episode of the Mandalorian yeah and ever since then he has become a viral sensation now when baby tomatoes debut or her yeah I don't really know if the be to has a gender you're right let's go with their yeah so when they made their debut there was no merge there was no nothing we had no idea that maybe it was even going to be a thing yeah and there was no baby your emerge now they had to keep a sense since you know Disney was kind of keeping an eye on the wraps they didn't come out with a bunch of March so don't worry as the internet does they made up for it and we looked up some of the hottest most you have to have merchandise of baby oda including the cutest little eleven inch plush doll that yes of course you can cuddle up with in bad I would get a couple because they're so small also if you're like I need something a little more practical don't worry Funko pop of course made their little figurine which is even cuter because they did the Funko eyes on already Funko eyes out of control yeah the funk of figurines beautifying everything so now you're just going to spontaneously combust when you look at B. B. iota because it's just like I don't worry if you're like more of a practical person like I really like things well don't worry like be really thought of everything they have a five hundred piece jigsaw puzzle for you to do with the baby your a and a backpack on a robot are no that's not no that's the assassin guy anyways either way it's adorable it's like everything right since aliens tomatoes moderates all you put really big iota cut everybody by surprise and we weren't expecting this kind of viral phenomenon that I don't think even Hollywood's expecting it either because the Hollywood reporter was doing this whole thing on baby iota yeah that the popularity of this little creature yeah even took Disney by surprise that people were so attracted to this character that they would go out and they would make fan viral all merchandise I I was on tic tac the other day and ended up in this whole of watching people make sugar cookies that were baby that and I was so into it like the creation if you won at sea and just write in baby yada good luck there goes your day bye twenty twenty is right here all thank I like it I haven't even heard that many good things the book the Mandalorian as a series except usually goes down we all of us and boil it down we're just talking about baby yada but that's the way things gain popularity in twenty nineteen words just like you know the series neither here nor there however yeah but have you seen baby don't you know because I watched one episode of the Mandalorian on Disney plus yeah I got my free week yeah yeah then I decided I don't need this in my life you know and that's fine did you watch the what what else what else did you watch on there nothing so you were I was just like you know you didn't need throwback Disney's now I didn't need for back Disney stuff if I had some kids in my life totally that I would absolutely one hundred percent get Disney plus so L. B. you have a youth in your household have to you have to you in your household yeah you have to see plus yeah but it was my husband's idea he wanted it is it more than I do because there is a history channel little all yeah he spends his time and they have the Simpson's so like that alone I mean but these still with the Simpson I know I know I know they do men yeah hi Disney plus fix the ratios on The Simpsons I'm probably not going to go back but for good news for the fans the Mandalorian the show is going to be back for a second season so that you can buy your knuckles and and look at cute baby iota again it's gonna be back in the fall of twenty twenty so we have to wait a whole other year in order to get these into the Mandalorian now here's a little teaser for the folks at home or in the Star Wars Jon Favreau who executive produce the Mandalorian and he tweeted out an image of one of the dudes I don't know his name I'm sorry said our finances me and this is one of the guys who was hanging out in job the huts layer and return to the jet I he has a nice little a sash overs bits and pieces many as an under bite so he's probably going to be back in season two I will have that to look forward to the complete antithesis of cute aggression I mean you're into that kind of thing could we handle a whole spin off of baby iota or is that too much like what is a base to us yeah I mean I at some point they're gonna lean into what's working yes because it's the Walt Disney company yeah that's what they do best well the Mandalorian if you're just joining us we're talking about who won twenty nineteen and it's baby ota by the way this is a calling Bradley show with Holly Britney and happy today it used to be the number one show on the planet the Mandalorian but now something that Britney has watching is now the biggest TV series in the world if you are not watching the witcher changer well after you listen to the show yeah and that's three oh two you can go ahead and start in this so we started the witcher as like all right we'll throw it on it's it's a really good but it's one of those things to you the main actor and you'll know you always know all the names I feel like you'll you'll chime in at some point but he has got the cutest little smile and grind that like I can't even get over and what's confusing about the war with the biggest complaint about the winter the time line is all over the place so watch out for that just kind of accepted and know that like they might not explain it later but that's okay because that's what the internet is for but what you're super good it's kinda like game of thrones the words its own now it's not in a certain time lines in a whole different world but more magic because of one thing the game of thrones took a lot of time getting to was like having dragons these people are like wham bam thank you ma'am right now thank you know nope no delayed gratification now there's a world of winter yeah yeah there's magic right away and there's magic everywhere and yeah it's done well the fighting scenes if you're into that which I am are really good at you know it I've played video games so there's a lot of those same things you can tell it's like a move that they thought out they the whole fighting scenes look like a dancing so this is based off of a video game yes I did not know that yeah so it could have been where do you derive temps originated from something else I know it as a video game all right yeah what's the point of the video game so what are you trying to do your playing this lead character played by Henry Campbell who used to play Superman he's kind of like a one of those guys that he so I honestly out of everyone's business some kind of cool you know come margin but also like so noble there are and a big everyone's business and like in the video game you play a lot of monster to your monster killer your monster killer for hire and so that's the same premise of the show is like I'm always above it but somehow always in the drama I like to go take Batman voice going octave lower and that's the witcher and then a lot of times you just expresses this grunts I will he's cute and it's always like this little sneaky smile and he's cute and then the woman he hooks up with is so beautiful that like I am down was watching them get down is it game of thrones level **** no no it is not it has passion like the build up is there yeah but you're not going to get you're not gonna you might decide yeah maybe but that's about all you're gonna get I mean you're not going to get the things that we got a game of thrones and you're gonna get last sibling interaction aha so sorry if that's what's you're into him by interaction you mean insists thank you so we're all clear here no this we are yeah yeah exactly in says maybe side boob a little but she yes and Henry Cavell groveling voice the deceit there it is it's that deep and it's so it's I mean I couldn't stop laughing for the first time but they want to buy into it you're into it well I guess first you like this is weird the law like his voice is weirdly law doesn't even go with his beautiful stunning eyes all right so we have been recommended the witcher on Netflix you guys are probably a lot of you've already watched it because it is the most popular show on the planet right now if you're gonna stay inside tomorrow new year's day if you have the luxury of having the day off and not having to put on pants the I'm going to watch the witcher if you're still not wearing pants maybe start watching the witcher three two PM after the calling abruptly shows over product we plan your day you're welcome yeah and when we come back Ryan is coming in to give us all the latest celebrity dirt from Hollywood hits the dirt alert you're my talk one of seven one recently overheard on Donna and Steve the hashtag symbol is technically called and power lines and in no he said and and and amber day amber and octo store here okay octo that of course refers to the eight points on the popular symbol but the floor remains a mystery after four o'clock to Thor like imagine using that instead to sort options are tired and for the some cats are allergic to people all Hey did you temperament quite a machine move to the next one let's.

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