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Reichel in the ballgame today, three or four at the free throw line for the season, better than 80% on hits the first nothing but the bottom of the net for exact rifle. Just can't stress How important freak Oh, shooting is it's the easiest thing to practice. I mean, it's just one of those things that we've seen so often, especially in the N C. A. A tournament late. If you can win games for you when you've seen it, lose a lot when guys can't knock down foul shots. Second free throw for Zach Reichel is good. So he makes both 23.1 left 60 to 54, Oregon State. Inbounded Norris back to Williams and back to north on the right side picks up his dribble. Lot of the Williams on the left wing inside the front. We'll kick it out left quarter. Clements pump fake shoots the three ball side of the rim short. Kennedy goes up high. His tip. No good front wing tips it in 10. Seconds left and loyal is gonna take their final time out. 60 to 56, Oregon State With 10 seconds remaining, there's credit wig was able to get that one to go. Much better job in this game with the full court pressure than the Oklahoma State game. If you remember really had a lot of issues, getting the ball inbounds organ set against that Oklahoma State full court pressure so you could tell that day in between or the three or four days in between where you can kind of figure some stuff out. Make some adjustments. They've got a much better job of handling that, besides the silver turnover, Pressure that has been applied to handle it so well, the Beavers, you know, Dani back to your point about free throw shooting working state this year, 76% as a team. We're going to see a team in the world. Robert's a little bit later on best in the country. I mean, you're right. It makes such a huge difference, especially when you get into these close games. And If you can't make free throws, you can't be on the floor, especially in close games. It really limits you as a player. In terms of time, and when you could be on the floor in how late Thompson will inbound, they put 1/10 of a second on the clock inbound to Reichel, who has grabbed immediately and fouled by brave Norris and rifle's gonna go shoot a couple of more free throws here with nine seconds remaining. A win for Oregon State would be their 20th of the season. This team went 10 and 10 Impact 12 play. They were the number five seed in the Pac 12 tournament. If they didn't win it, they weren't coming to the big dance, and now they are nine seconds away. From going to the elite eight as rightful back rooms. The first Conversation with Wayne tinkle last week. Is that what you guys were picked to finish last in the Pac 12? I said bye. Who's like media? Go figure that's gonna rallying cry for them, especially In the postseason. Reichel's second free throw is good. 63 56 with nine seconds remaining, Williamson will inbound Norris back to Lucas Williamson Williamson across the timeline it six Williams and we'll lob it inside that slated by wealth with 3.2 seconds to go, and a quick foul on the inbound is Ethan Thompson has grabbed with 2.2 seconds left. Now the beaver faithful will rise to their feet. Oregon State fans are hugging and I've fiving they love it. Wayne tickles. Family is just down to our right there, celebrating with all the beaver fans that are around them, even top of the line. He's got 20 in the ball game and looking to add to that. Want to run. This has been for Ethan Thompson in the post season. One of the best T shirts I think I've seen in a long time is Oregon Beaver. It's black with orange. It says Number 12 with an arrow pointing to the number 16. Listen, makes the first he's got 21. The Beavers players. They had the number 12 inside their undershirts under their jerseys. They could look at it. It's become a real rallying cry for this team. They have embraced it and boy have they been good? Quarter. Moser is now emptying his bench, hammering front wig and Lucas Williams in the seniors. 99 wins in their four years the winningest players and loyal history and they're in an embrace on the sideline right now, what a career! Those two of that. Thompson will step to the free throw line for one more. Thompson bends his knees. He shoots that. What is good is 22nd point of the game. 2.2 left inbounds pass, the horn will sound and it's over from afterthought to a week. The Oregon State Beavers are going to the elite eight Oregon State 65 loyal of 58 magical run for the Oregon State, Beavers continues. Wayne single will gather his team off the court. They are all tightening in a circle. Oregon state has been on a magical parts run. They are one of the final eight teams remaining. They will get the winner off Syracuse and Houston. Wayne Tinkle just took off his pull over. He's got one of those shirts on 12 to 16. You could cross out the 16 and put in eight on there instead. They got to make some search quick. You get those things made up. By tomorrow, they'll find a way to do it. Oregon state players saluting their fans, many of whom are just behind us on their feet and celebrating. The Oregon state players pointing into the stands as they head to the locker room. The Beavers on to the elite eight. The final score Oregon State 65 loyal of 58. When we return, we'll have more of the Ferguson postgame report. You're listening to the men's basketball tournament on the Westwood one and see a radio network. Rock auto dot com has the.

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