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What's at the edge of safe to do right now? It's the repeated attempts where you're going to get injured so if if I'm really tight and doing it then I'll run within my limits but there's some days are better than others and I'm just like Bam out and get it and and good but what the distance in mind usually about you know shooting for two hundred meters but not that fast and I go through periods where like everything's as clicking and I feel like I've still got it and then have a bad week and it's like no doubt but so there's all this research about sedentary lifestyles now. The real problem is your blood. That's the real problem and it's the quality of your blood and it's the mechanical chemical nature. What's going on in the blood and all these different factors? It's where your blood is being created from is a credit from stem cells or is it be being created from medical recess and it's the actual deform ability of blood cells with age. So the real problem is that the blood itself is sort of going downhill. And so because it's going downhill when you're sitting for any length of time you have blood. That's path as efficient as it was when you were younger. Which means hypotheses as sort of a way of existing is sort of taking hold and so by integrating these little things throughout the day? You're pushing that clock back a little bit. Okay there's a lot there in terms of the sedentary lifestyles that like for example the blood. Can we talk about that for a little bit. How does one I guess? Address that I mean other than like you know not sitting all day you know right and getting saying whatever. How do you address? Is that issue. What people do there? It's a IT'S A. It's a big topic. It's a kind of an emerging field and there's a lot of things that are going to be rapidly coming online just to twenty seconds scope of the problem. What's happening is when you were young? Your blood had a very specific composition and ratio of types of immune cells to red blood cells. Okay and it's sort of optimal and you get older. You get fewer red blood cells and fewer are types of immune cells and more other types of immune cells. The blood is essentially mimicking giant injury. Is What's happening okay. And so what. Your blood is starting to do is be a pro inflammatory medium as you're getting older that's kind of what's going on. And and that affects muscle recovery so young muscle and youngblood are two sides of the same coin. They're both related. One of the reasons you see muscle recovery every decrease with age is because the quality of the blood itself is decreasing. So there's this field compare BIOS where we're looking at we're looking at young blood transfusions and the effect that has on the body Couple of keys. That seemed to play into all. This one is timing two is massage Three are there's there's a host of small molecule activators and keep blood proteins that seemed to be emerging that we can target get. If we can rewind real quick when you say timing timing of what so as you begin to age there are very specific proteins. One of them is called your K.. Eight one half and it is a growth protein and basically what it does is it controls the stem nece and the growth cycles of muscle. And when you're younger what happens. Is You get done working out shoots up like this okay and then it does this when you get older. Sure it does this and then it does this. So what's happening. Is this Guy Sore. Recover this guy. No recovery just sore. That's that's what's happening with age. So Getting E R K up higher post workout is one of the ways that we can. We can start to hugh begin to turn turn the clock back a little bit with that one of the ways that seems to work really well. It's super simple. Anybody can do massage so there. I was talking to Ron ten about this. And Rhonda's Bodywork Watt. And if you're around Ron he's just always pumped full and he gets pissed at you to if you don't get body worked on you getting body work done you it worked. I didn't spend my five grand this week. I e. That's his tip to be healthy to be really really you got to be really well. Yeah did you get your five Thousand Square Foot Gym in your house. You Know Ron. I didn't sell a food company by the way. Did you go see the pop tart. Yeah Yeah Yeah legendary food. Listen to this. He made a pop tarts. Yes listen to listen to this. I have a tax on my phone of me. Sending Ron Penna a text. Probably about six months ago saying he needs to tell the powers that be to make pop tart really and he said and he said Okay and gave me like a little thumbs up. I sent him the screen capture of that last night. And he said I did tell the powers that be and we got pop tarts. When when you guys told me I think you told me Andrew that they made a pop tart than Andy told me I was like I think? I'm pretty sure I told them you need. They make pop tart careful because I remember like we were talking to them. And you're like what what's the deal. Where's the pop tart? And he's like they can't say too much but he was kind of like I think he said something about how you can't make one or something to right. He was like probably totally screwing with run. Pinot works in mysterious ways man dairy foods pop tarts is going to be all over the place fix. Oh I'm going to see if I can survive off just that I haven't tried it. Oh my gosh. She gave me one a couple months ago. The funny thing was in target like a month earlier with my my wife and I was like pop tart and then so sure wings it tastes like about part. I'm GonNa live on the thing. That's huge is gonNA flip tip. The fitness industry down all talking about pop tarts forever. Yeah that's huge thing. Ever I really do. I would love to just be in the room when Joel in Ron or speaking to each other because I had imagined over probably like one and a half hour mark you guys just start speaking in Code Mike Mike. Yeah yeah just like making sounds like what happened. Did they break is like no just in their own language. Now we have these we always. Yes we have these crazy mind melds just like yeah we'll get together at this Secret location and we'll just sit there and Kinda get down the rabbit the whole and sometimes it's too much for us you know. And then we got to translate. It transitioned into something else. Something nerdy but yeah. He's He's a brilliant wink wink awesome deal. Yeah the pop tart thing is you mentioned something earlier about testosterone and sleep which I think a lot of men's ears when they heard it but it was never talked about What what were you talking about their exactly brother sleeping? I sixteen hours or something like that right. Yeah so the sex hormones are just have a lot to do with staying young mhm and it makes sense just from a a like in social narratives but we have to remember that. They're not facts. They're just sort of stories that we tell ourselves awesome can change but they're helpful so an ancestral narrative is just the idea that it as long as you're sexually viable your of Certa you're kind of a benefit and your body's going to keep you young and so keeping the sex hormones working has a lot to do with keeping the body young if you can keep the body a young you'll solve a lot of problems so getting testosterone while you're sleeping is a big big deal a big big deal and it's not that hard to do you can do it with a combination of Feeding patterns sort of high fat at bedtime and a very few simple things stupid simple things like Eczema and vitamin D and things like that. Okay is there no negative impact of eating before bed. You know some people think that you should eat you know well before you go to sleep and stuff like that. What are your thoughts on that? Let fits into what when and how so everything should fit into what one in. How and there's A? There's a if you get away from the absolutes and then you just kind of quantify functional outcomes like my functional outcome right now as I wanNA have a couple of nights of making colostrum okay. Great so in order to do that what do I need. I need a lot of fat while I'm sleeping in need. Vitamin D needs minerals. And you get a few basic things and so I'm going to have to three nights. Maybe maybe even want two nights a week where I do that on and there's indicative downside which is if I have to big meal I might disruptive Towfighi she later on during the night but the other side of that is I can fast in the morning a little bit and sort of offset that and so when you put it into a functional outcome So there's there's always negatives to everything you mentioned to me in the past I mentioned to me if I remember remember correctly Having having some issues with fasting and how it it Kinda screwed up So we talked about fasting quite a bit on here but I also I warn people. You know if you're new to a diet diet in my opinion there's no reason to even try to really mess with fasting until you can get a handle on on starting to implement some nutritious foods and get used to the get get used to the Diet that you selected and don't really worry about fasting for a little while And then also I've had my own issues with fasting where I fasted Intermittent fasting you know just doing a sixteen or eighteen hours fast or something like that and then two or three days later I found myself you know at the bottom of a ben and Jerry's You know fish fish food ice cream or something like that. So how can we kind of You know what are what are some of the negative impacts of fasting. And what did it do to you. Talk a lot about that in my book. I'm here because of the negatives I experienced with what you would call time restricted feeding investing in the early nineties. Quick back story in the early nineties. metrics came out. Jefferson was a big promoter and Jeff did an article talking about how he was just eating one meal a day in the evening and so I'm just like okay. Well that's what I was that same guy who read the Corey huge. Yeah Yeah So. I started doing that and I went on metrics and one of the things in biology. Do this in short term and then this and the long term so what happened to me was I was ripped to the bone for longtime about three or four years. I Oh isn't that advice giving stage. What are you doing here? Spent going ahead it figured out and then about year four metrics packet a today's your for your five. I started eating uncontrollably and like I just I you know but there was a burger king. I was there and I didn't know what I don I was like. Yeah I've never done this in my life. I'm just eating all the time. What's going on? And that sat me down this path to figure out what I had messed up and it was a long road. Fix It in a longer longer to figure it out..

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