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Because i can know the theory of yes you know this is good for you but if we can make tasty and simple people then people are going to gravitate towards okay so you've got some recipes and flavor combos in here that i find just fascinating because a lot of people don't think about this stuff when it comes to bone broth like for example you've got the adding coconut milk and ginger to bone broth or adding brag liquid amino and then whisking that with an egg yolk in a bone broth you've got about twenty different recipes in the book which which one would you say would be the top bone broth flavor combo or the top couple that you really like you think people should tap into right away well a really easy one it's just coconut mocha jinja but that needs to you that you need to use chicken for that doesn't that doesn't work as well with the beef but just a gaudy puree and sometime my favorite it one because it it's got so many different spices is coconut milk with a pinch of gratitude generic and sub grant jinja and smash garlic and pepper salt i mean that he's absolutely delicious but once again when you using coconut milk it's better to use chicken broth and beef then beef broth breath but full beef just using jinja and some frisch or sub ground turmeric also works well and also once again has some anti inflammatory effect in the two merican defense in the in the bumper says only things will to get i love ella.

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