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Satisfied with your case know when you say you're not supposed to talk about it did you sign something with bacon shake shaken bake you you did they maybe can talk about it now mikey case they made you sign something that you can't talk about your case because you were on happy with it i do not sure why but when i got can't read or write so i don't know but they he wouldn't commie why cadets while on here because you can't read or write know do you know what you signed um my my wife his wife's case not settled but if they're still treating her that might be why well no no they create but they they don't dare if i could feel curtain i will keep my story about it lady would go into a heating what do you mean that shaken baker or you're talking about the another that goeran johnsson he doing that ensured what is she doing to you didn't sign anything that you could talk about her right no no i didn't talk about her dog mom all right okay whoa tell me what they're doing too well for the day senate mediation gil but my wife and then some guy to beat leka old judge and he will carry my wife i have dr report you're what came into the doctor gang the commission salman is their doctrine goes i got dr reports coming theme now fina you're a liar you're making this stuff up you're not hurt i remember this so do i and and and then a lawyer for from here you to find out you know i think and called over to them did we ever callaway can bake on this bank assault shankar i i touch people they won't talking anxious to remember this case sijari i remember this call or someday face sickly think did you saw one of them call your wife a liar did you talk to us before save saaba.

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