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And a half games behind the Washington nationals only a half game out of the second wild card spot so they are right in the mix just as the giants are tied for third in the National League east eight games behind the first place Atlanta Braves Bryce Harper hitting Lee off to a different looking line up for the Phillies starting in right field Reese Hoskins a first baseman batting second Corey Dickerson just joined the Phillies last week left fielder hitting thirteen cigarette shortstop he's a cleanup hitter GT real Muto that's better than does the catching a second baseman Cesar Hernandez you get six Scott king rias at third base tonight hitting seven the center fielder Adam he's really just activated again J. Bruce went right back on the injured list so easily is back in center field hitting eight than the left handed pitcher drew Smyly on the mound and he will that night for the Phillies giants meanwhile fifty seven fifty nine after last night's win transit three games out of the second wild card spot five games behind the Washington nationals who lead the wild card division giants have Donovan Solano hitting lead off and starting at second base Austin Slater will be the right fielder batting second third baseman Evan Longoria hits third buster Posey at first base tonight he's the cleanup hitter Stephen vote do any catching vote bats fifth Kevin full are in center field hitting six Brenda Crawford short stop at seven the left fielder making his first start with the giants is Joey record he bats eight then the starting pitcher is Tyler VDV young right hander on the values that overall a positive year last three starts though have not gone well for BT so this feels like a big one for him as a greedy takes allowed to start against Philadelphia so those are our line up the message sponsored by Hanson Bridget lawyers your life is copyrighted broadcast is presented by authority of the San Francisco Giants may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form the accounts of descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the San Francisco Giants CB Bucknor is.

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