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Live from NPR News in Washington on Korver Coleman. CIA director William Burns was in Kabul Monday and met with the Taliban's de facto leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar. It's not known what they discussed, but they're meeting comes as the US hastily tries to evacuate thousands of Americans from Afghanistan, along with Afghans who have helped the U. S and fear retaliation. The meeting also comes as president Biden gets ready to virtually attend an emergency meeting of the Group of Seven leaders Britain, France and Germany are urging Biden to delay his August 31st deadline to pull out of Afghanistan. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports France may wind down its evacuation if the deadline is not extended, France has evacuated some 2000 Afghans, but French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian says more time is needed to complete the job. On Tuesday, an official in La Adrian's office Suggested if the deadline is not extended. France could wrap up its evacuations by this Thursday. Meanwhile, the European Union says it plans to ramp up humanitarian support for Afghans in and around their country to more than €200 million from the current €50 million. European governments are concerned about an influx of migrants fleeing Afghanistan. Eleanor Beardsley NPR NEWS PARIS Today is the deadline for the U. S intelligence community to deliver a report on what they know Know about the origins of the coronavirus as NPR's Geoff Brumfield reports. Many hope it will shed light on where the virus originated. There are two theories about where the coronavirus came from. One is that it started in the wild, possibly in bats, the others that it came from a laboratory in China. In May, President Biden ordered the nation's intelligence agencies to conduct a 90 day review of everything they had on the question. Since then, the agencies have been poring over things such as intercepted communications and databases to see if there's anything they've collected that might provide answers. The findings will be briefed to the president and Congress. An unclassified version of the report is expected to be released soon. Geoff Brumfield NPR NEWS Washington Texas Governor Greg Abbott is asking the state's Supreme Court to back his efforts to stop mask mandates in two counties. Texas Public Radio's Paul Flab reports San Antonio and Bear County successfully argued for an injunction against the state's ban on government mask mandates. They argued the current situation would prove irreparably harmful from unmitigated spread of Covid 19 is schools opened without masks. Monday, the attorney general's office filed for a stay nullifying the injunction, arguing irreparable harm was actually being caused by the growing list of local orders. In defiance of the governor's order banning mask mandates. The state asked for a Supreme Court orders, saying the fourth quarter appeals had abused its discretion by continuing the injunction after it was appealed. They argue the governor can't enforce laws if people are able to break them pending trial, and Paul Flab in San Antonio. This is NPR. At 604. This is case here. W I'm Matt Gillam High school athletes in L. A county will be tested for Covid weekly, and athletes who compete indoors are going to have to mask up even during games. That's according to a new safety guidelines handed down from public health officials. KCRW's Darryl Saxman has more on the new policies. The latest rules and recommendations from the LA County Health Department reflects growing concern about the spike in new covid cases coinciding with the opening of schools..

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