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Try another most of the men and women out there who are guiding waterfowl hunch now are really good at what they do you want to go have it on a really good experience speaking of go down to warm coat down to baffin bay rod and gun that's where sally ann arbor black or they are just to give you an idea of the standard of excellence you're looking at their they're the only lodge in texas that's orbis endorsed for wing shooting and flyfishing so yes that's that would be my recommendation right now that would be my recommendation right now i was thinking locally but i wanna jump in the car and drive a few hours and really do it upright go to spend two days down there hunting you'll come back just you'll see you'll be sold you'll be sold gave him a twelve if you can the 20th you must but then as soon as he's ready move him up to the twelve gauge and reserve that 24 dovehunting 20s are great for dovehunting a lot hundreds of pellets going out there when you start talking about duct loads goose loads the twenty gay you can buy the shells for it but you're cheating yourself and the shooter or your son or the other so i would i would go with a twelve gauge auto loader spanned what you must what you can comfortably make sure that gun fits if you don't go to youtube you can find all kinds of videos about that and instead of trying to get a professional fitting at least get close with the gun you by south the gun you by so because if you buy the wrong guy i had to.

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