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You're if you're Zach Harrison Zach Harrison the five star defensive end number two into the country. You're looking at mom mom. You really really? That's where you want me to go. Mom. You want me to go play for these guys? Eddie, George is. They're in disarray. Come on my. I mean this. Closer closer to act Arrison, and hopefully, maybe closer to George Carlin. That's where I wanted to go. The fall out from Jeff Brown possibly leaving Purdue and go to Louisville sum that up and why wouldn't he follow Brom to Louisville because he has no Louisville. He hasn't been hasn't been on the list is the reason about the reason for do is. There is not just Brom promised. A big reason why this kid's family he lives in west Lafayette, George Carlin is here's a five star defensive lineman out of west Lafayette, Indiana. He's six four and a half to sixty pounds this kid and I've seen him a ton of ties between between Josh Kirby from Michigan dot com. Reis mayor tonight we've seen this kid over ten times. And he is he is more Hurst with a few inches. I swear it's not hyperbole. He has off snap. Quickness team come off the edge. She can play inside. He is a big time. And he is because his grandparents went to Purdue his uncle's in winter Purdue his mom winter Purdue Eddie lives in the shadow of Purdue. That's why he's in any loves ground. Rob leaves now all the other things that he was considering Steve Clarke who can get into the NFL, Greg, Greg. Greg Maddux Madison can say I got guys for the NFL. Whereas the Purdue coaches they're saying well past Purdue guys have gone to the NFL. We have a coach do guys f-. He bought that. When it.

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