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1172. Join now by the poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt show Tarzan and Joe hello, Joe. Hello, Hugh on some reflection on this month's issues. Before mankind had learned to dance or even sing a tomb, we've mapped the months by measuring the phases of the moon, and as the year progresses and contingencies were planned for, the names of moss became bound up in all the things they stand for. April is the month that has been designated greed. That's when we pay the IRS more money than they need. I gather all my paperwork and when I do the math, I find that April also is the month we honor wrath. November stands for gluttony. Oh, how the world is bleak and when we all eat incessantly across a four day weekend. August is the month for sloth. Warm weariness profound and something that we poets pursue the whole year round. December is the month new car commercials pay a visit. We see those giant bows and the envy is exquisite. I live in I live, I wouldn't think of being rude. Gracious coexistence is a goal to be pursued. Name a month for leadership or name it for success. Name it for affection. I think we'd all say yes. But now I understand how the apocalypse begins. When we name our months in honor of the 7 deadly sins. That's what goeth before a fall. Like tarzana Joe. Isn't January the month of success, Joe? I used to live near a town called Lake success. And I thought, I only moved to Lake success Long Island. I would really be a winner, but never could afford it. There is a Lake success in Long Island. Lake success Long Island, a planned community. I think like Irvine. Well, I just think Lake success and Irvine and rustin have very planned community. Joe, thank you. That will be available tarzana Joe dot com. Are you open for business in.

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