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They can't make Trump any worse either believe than he appears to be. And then they focus on their legislative agenda and show that they were elected to get things done. And they got things done. And at the same time, they hold their investigative hearings, and we'll see where those go they may go to impeachment. They may not well, and they've got a new line of investigation that they can pick up on because the New York Times reported this week that Elaine Chao the secretary of transportation, who also happens to be the wife of Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell has ties to this big shipping company called foremost group. It's her family shipping business. It's made big donations to her husband and her efforts to boost it in China were noticed by the times, where the company has very deep ties and she didn't disclose it Alice. You know, these kinds of stories have been problems for Trump cabinet members in the past number of them have had to go because of stuff like this is this going to be a problem for Elaine Chao. I, I don't see it as such she's done a tremendous job in her role as transportation secretary, but it is it is a cause for concern with regard to what are the business ties. Is in the business relationships with a lot of, of people that are serving in our administration at this point in these are important questions to ask. But this is nothing new this hasn't happened. This has happened in the past. We there were questions about business relationships with Hillary Clinton and the, the Clinton foundation in business ties that were in that administration as well. These are nothing new. I would like to think that the questions will be asked and answered and secretary Chao can go about her job, that she's doing transportation secretary. This. I think this is worth an investigation to see if there's any real conflict there, or not, we don't know but strikes me about this is that, that for ties to Chinese businesses in Chinese trade, that this is in direct contrast or conflict with Donald Trump's physician throwing all these tariffs on China, and I just wonder why Elaine Chao has not spoken up about that or maybe even resigned because of that, but I want to ask about this new evidence that surfaced, it was found on a deceased Republican strategists hard drive. I'm sure strategist everywhere making a note about that. But Alice, this is documents that pretty clearly show that the administration wanted to add the are you a citizen question to the sentence to the census to frighten away non-citizens and give Republicans and whites and electoral advantage. The documents show that saying as the administration did before the courts that they wanted the question to help enforce. The Voting Rights Act to help minorities was just a front. Unseemly unethical what else? I see absolutely zero problem with this question being on the census, but even reasoning the, the, the reasoning behind that what they say was the reason behind it is certainly worth checking into. But why in the world is there a problem with asking is this person a citizen of the United States? Look, this was unseemly or of this is not proper or in some cases people refer to this as racist. If this is a racist question. Now was it racist when it was on President Clinton's a extended form census form was racist? And unseemly when it was on President Obama's long form census form. Those are questions that need to be asked. If it was okay, then there should not be a problem with it now I believe it is absolutely racist. And I think it's clearly political, and I think the word for this is busted will barrages busted, he lied to congress when he said, this was all about getting an accurate count and. This is in court today. It'll be before the I mean already before the supreme court they're supposed to roll on it by the end of the month. I think it's a no brainer. The constitution says the census every ten years is intended to get to Termine, quote, the whole number of persons in each state, and because so many federal dollars are allocated, depending on the total number of people not just a total numbers citizens..

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