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I thought and think he'll stay there. Because they have all the money in the. World but again a Mark fine sand of major league baseball? Dot, com He's gonna be with us at nine on five. It's, a recorded interview that we. Did around, five o'clock bottom line is he thinks Manny may not stay with Hollywood. And majors go to the. Highest bidder however the highest better could be I mean they have the. Money could be the dodgers so I wouldn't be surprised he seems. To be happy they're already well how who wouldn't be getting, out. Of the Orioles organization, but the bottom? Line is I would think he might stay there Manny is going speaking of Manny is. Calling from, saddle river Manny you're on the family what's going on Hi, Steve. Have you okay Manny. How about yourself Bad. Humidity, screen, see I? Have, a. Couple of comments Okay I think everybody gets on. Some you, know only guy guy was, seven had an ER innovate came out when have bad. Day I can we have, a guy break when he does we think as well I don't understand that the other. One of j we maybe give it up like what turn, today we got I've talked to young kid so he I need coverage second which which did cost at least, one, month could cost? Us navy more like the. I heard, you say wild go was? I come we never get on, boom because boy why did he come out and I. Agree on your cheek you want to send, it was, the only taking on.

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