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Thank you mark knows if you want to mark for whatever fucking reasons you could find them wish him give them birthday wishes barf barf bags e z malone c j a c j life that's j a y l y f e j rub is gone this weekend next week but he'll be back don't you worry one bit about it own gaden put the cherry on the sunday yeah yeah nikki boyer how do people find you i know people are going to want to reach out to you out reach around do it all i am nikki boyer on instagram and nikki boyer on twitter and then you can always find me on face very specific your new instagram name is i am nikki boy i am and i k i e because when you say i am nikki boyer instagram you're right yeah yeah 'cause there's another nikki boyer out there and i'm trying to convince her to sell me her name she won't everyone go tell that to give it up jerry on the sunday leave her alone i'm hello ross on everything this show is hello russ pod cj didn't say go to facebook facebook dot com straight talk with ross or straight talk with ross dot com drag race continuing heating up valley coming up oh modify 'em on saturdays one dot com five pm civic dumbing okay it is time for if you want it still i do cherian sunday i'm gonna play the song.

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