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Joe a gig that could propel is comedy act to a whole new level but he turned it down because when other blacks performed on the show they were never asked to hang out on the sofa chat with host jack par then the phone rang dick gregory is mr paul how come you don't wanna work must show us because the negroes number three dau it will come on man i'll let you sit down that may have been one of the few times in his career when gregory wished to sit down for most of his life he was there standing up fighting four social justice and against war and poverty he described himself as an agitator a job he was very proud of that piper cbs news his son says greg guard in washington dc are for being hospitalized therefore severe bacterial infection the gregory was a few weeks short of 85 in ballast tonight police force hundreds of protesters out of a cemetery where they were clashing over confederate monuments thought at the end of a day of political demonstrations and counterdemonstrations including a big one in boston cbs news correspondent kenneth greg was there and talk with participants steven mcgrath is an army veteran in join the free speech group during the event everybody has given views david to the violence level the news you argument all the arguments in the rally in protest was mostly peaceful and a dramatic contrast to a week ago when hundreds of white nationalists violently clashed with counterprotesters in virginia boston police did not want a repeat of what what happened in charlottesville so they intentionally kept the two sides here separated in a limited the free speech event to just two hours police stood make about thirty arrests in boston in spain are missing imam and a house dot exploded now the focus of investigation into an extremist cell believe responsible for two deadly terrorist attacks in barcelona nearby resort there was a small plane crashed central simple oregon airport where people are now starting to gather to view monday's big solar eclipse there is a bit of a damper on the excitement here mandra is now that a small plane is confirmed who have crash we know that two people on board that plane died and while we don't know exactly.

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