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I feel like we should just sit him in RJ. You just hang in. If you start drifting cause of your mental issues, I'll jumping thank you, president of Showtime sports. Stephen Spinoza, president of Showtime sports promoted in two thousand eighteen executive vice president joined a Showtime two thousand eleven good to see you. Good to meet you, Steven Spinoza thrill. Thanks for joining us for fight. We cuts bit of spectacle, say the lease. No kidding. Get his closest you can up into that. Mike, congratulations Showtime for becoming the of world leader in boxing and keeping the mantle live. You know, it's interesting. We were surprised as HBO get out of it. But the same time, it's sort of the more things change more. They stay the same because you've got FOX coming back in and ESPN coming back in. You know, things there's been float to this. But there's a lot of activity around boxing right now. And you can't turn on an NFL game FOX without seeing thirty thousand promos for box. It's interesting. You know, the thing about boxing as I think about it is there's always been the boxing, boxing, all of life. I don't know why we think about it. I like collector cars, you take a look at American muscle like it was peeking out in the early two thousands. Then it all drop down. And now it's starting to come back up. Again, this notion that everything's just going to be the same all the time that homes and Frazier and Ali and Norton and all those guys little before homes about him saying, you know, you had had a sort of golden era of heavyweights, then you had a golden era of middleweights with Hagler and Sugar Ray, and all that kind of stuff then the heavyweights dried up, of course, of course, it's called life. Not. Always going to be a super compelling heavyweight middleweight champion that's going to capture the world's imagination never unbroken streak. When when Muhammad Ali leaves another guy like Mohammed Ali, we'll just slide it and take his place. Are you kidding me? Right. Randall Tex Cobb is up to that channel. There's not there's one Mohammed Ali sort of stupid for us to expect that where but we wait a while. And then Mike Tyson shows up and now the heavyweights are quite an interesting group as as we speak. It's not to get to sort of societal and and in sociological about it. But, you know, everyone asks where did the heavyweight skull and tell you they went to the NBA and the NFL 'cause if Muhammad Ali were to come on the scene today. He would be a running back a linebacker. He would be the money in the NFL was is is so much greater today than it was when when Lee was active and put it another way Michael Strahan, if there was no NFL or in fellows, paying what they were paying back in seventies. Michael Strahan, probably be the heavyweight champion of the world. I'm the guy who took out his middle tooth when we're sparring back late eighties. He used to have a toot their now, they think it's just the two that separated. I got it home and a lucite case he won't talk about it. Of course, he won't talk about he'll call you live kryptonite, right? Bringing out and gets to me. You know, I know as that here because I'm here, I go to New York. He leaves he wants to keep the teeth. He laugh, you gotta Google that she had man. And god. Yeah, you're right. And it's interesting AC a lot. Well, you see gates a lot of guys that could even went to the NBA move on over the NFL and hammer hammer check. So it's a very interesting, and it sort of adds wrinkled because it's like I was talk about the sort of economics boxing. You know, I tell people they laugh Jews used to a ton of boxing. You know, what I mean, they all get the hell out of here. No there were there were here there were poor. They fought they lived in poverty. They did what people do they fight to get off the streets. And then they got it together, and then became doctors and lawyers and now the run Hollywood. But anyway. That that that's actually the fascinating part of that. Because if you look at it again, so she logically, whoever sort of at the bottom of the.

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